Deadpool Killustrated: The Merc Found a Way to Attack Literature

On the cover of issue 2 in a larger-than-the-Marvel-logo black and red box are the words “Parental Advisory! Not For Kids” and the disclaimer is rightly notated. There are killings-a-plenty in the first two issues of the four issue arc, Deadpool Killustrated, in which Deadpool has frustratingly been killing each and every alternate reality super hero/villain in an attempt to free them all from the burden of living their lives as fictitious characters. That is until an imprisoned scientist theorizes that Deadpool must kill all “inspirational building blocks” that may have influenced the creation of the Marvel universe. Thus, with a handy gateway that has punched a hole into the “ideaverse”, Deadpool ventures off to jump in and out of meta-fiction “realities” with the intention of killing off all of our great literary characters.

I have been nerding out pretty bad on these. Not only have I found a new appreciation for Deadpool and the amazing way he weaves himself in and out of the Marvel universe, but I have also relished the experience of seeing depictions of Don Quixote, Ishmael, Tom Sawyer, etc. and seeing them meet utterly horrendous ends at the hands of Deadpool. The story arch is fun, that’s what is so great about it. There is not any over-analysis or brain wrecking themes within this arch. There is a great idea being written here as to what would happen to the Marvel world if those that influenced their best creations were killed off. Ultimately we have to assume said world would either cease to exist, or could possibly be stunted by having to be influenced by lesser known pieces of literature.

I would say the best part of these comics are the brief glimpses we are given of the characters that are being erased from existence when Deadpool kills off the literary character that was the influence for them. For example, the demise of The Headless Horseman causes a direct erasure of The Green Goblin and Ghost Rider. There is a small history lesson in the origins of Marvel characters that is portrayed in a very fun, and trippy, series of literary assassinations.

Not only is there this romp of Deadpool’s homicidal rampage on great works of literature within these comics, but he is also being pursued, and potentially stopped, by a series of other characters from literature. Beowulf, Natty Bumppo, Hua Mulan, Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes are desperately hoping to stop Deadpool from erasing all of their worlds.

I look forward to the next two issues of this story line and am enjoying this original  and clever concept. If you are a fan of literature, or Deadpool, or want something new to read in the comic world, pick this up right away! Who knows, if Deadpool is successful, the comics may not even be around for very long.

Here is a sample of some of the epic literature/Deadpool cross over events you will see: