Island Paradise Preview: The Sims 3 Resort Vacations Incoming

The newest expansion for The Sims 3, Island Paradise is bringing us several innovative new features, along with resurrecting an old favorite.

Here’s a brief discussion video for each screenshot:

While this title is still in early development, there are several screenshots available of some of the new features, as well as developer livestream footage to work from.  All content discussed here is drawn from the Sims Wiki.


Island Paradise

Starting off, one of the new features to be included in Island Paradise is the addition of boats.  There will be at least three types of boats.  Paddleboats will allow your Sims to explore at a leisurely pace in small areas.  Speedboats are likely to be used for over-water transportation, to get from island to island.

Island Paradise

Finally, houseboats will allow you to build a small house on a barge that can be driven around the waterways in town.

Island Paradise Resorts

The resort system is my most anticipated feature.  Likely a spin on the hotel feature from The Sims: Vacation expansion pack, resorts won’t just be for visiting.  You’ll also be able to own and operate your own resort hotel, and raise it through the star ratings, working toward the coveted five-star rating.

The decorations, amenities and prices will affect your hotels rating, which in turn affects how much your Sims earn.


Island Paradise

Two new skills will be added in Island Paradise that allow your Sims to explore previously closed off places.  SCUBA diving allows Sims to dive deep under the waters surface to search for collectibles.  Snorkeling will limit your Sims to the shallows, but will likely work in a similar manner.  Your Sims may also discover all new types of fish while exploring the seas.

Island Paradise

Island Paradise Compatibility

Judging by the trash barge screenshot that’s available, it seems like Island Paradise features may well be fully compatible to allow your creativity to flow.  The trash barge screenshot features parts from Supernatural (Air Conditioning Unit), Ambitions (Trash Piles), Late Night (Bridgeport), and Island Paradise (Houseboat Control Panel).  There may well be other compatible features that were missed as well.

Island Paradise

Keep an eye out for the review of The Sims 3 Island Paradise once the game releases.  It is expected to be available for Mac and PC sometime this June.



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