Smell The Internet Today With Google Nose

Usually the term Smell-O-Vision has been relegated to cheesy commercials and pornographic movies set somewhere in the near future, but Google’s newest app brings us one step closer to that incredible reality.

While visiting Google today, you may notice the new Google Nose tab underneath the search bar.  Click this tab to immerse your olfactory glands in the terrible smells that the internet must surely produce.  It should be noted that Google Nose is still in beta, please use care when searching for smells.  The Internet also asks that you keep searches of former Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler to a minimum today.

It’s always fun trying to find Google’s April Fool’s joke,as few websites do it better.  Google Nose may not quite top last year’s old-school RPG makeover of Google Maps, but its still pretty funny.  Digging deeper into the website, all sorts of strangely specific details are waiting to be sniffed out.  I mean, check out this list of features, straight from Google:

  • Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation.
  • Your internet sommelier: expertly curated Knowledge Panels pair images, descriptions, and aromas.
  • Take a whiff: the Google Aromabase – 15M+ scentibytes.
  • Don’t ask, don’t smell: For when you’re wary of your query – SafeSearch included.

That’s great.  My favorite new feature is YouTubed Nose Captions, which let hearing-impaired viewers know exactly what’s smelling on in their favorite videos.  Haven’t they ever seen Scent of a Woman.  They already knew what was going on.  Silly Google.  For more “details”, check out the handy YouTube video that Google created:

Pretty funny stuff.  Trying Google Nose leads you to a variety of different “pages”, ranging from pleasant ones like Spring Breeze and Halloween, to Gym Chlothes and, the one I got, Dumpster.  All this SmellCD 1.8!  Just a suggestion, don’t click on the wet dog.  Totally NSFW.  Trust me.


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