One Piece Episode 589 Recap: Secrets Revealed

In a lull in the hectic events of recent episodes, One Piece episode 589: “The Worst in the World! A Scientist of Terror – Caesar!” unravels some of the mysteries behind Punk Hazard and who appears to be the main villain of the arc.

One Piece Episode 589 Brownbeard in ChainsOne Piece Episode 589 Vice Admiral Smoker in Captain Tashigi's bodyOne Piece Episode 589 Caesar Clown


After the frantic skirmish between Vice Admiral Smoker and Royal Warlord Trafalgar Law, all parties involved in the events of Punk Hazard had a bit of time to either recover or plan for their next steps. The Strawhats were reunited, the G-5 Marines pulled back to regroup after Smoker’s defeat and the subsequent switching of Smoker and Tashigi’s personalities, and Caesar Clown had obtained instructions from a mysterious figure called Joker to do what he deems necessary to get rid of everyone on the island. Through explanations from the captured Brownbeard and the now-female (but far from feminine) Smoker, we learn that Punk Hazard was once an island meant for the testing, creation, and formulation of chemical weaponry led by famed World Government and Marine scientist Doctor Vegapunk, and Caesar Clown was his second in command. After a disastrous failed experiment four years ago caused by Caesar and consequently blamed on Vegapunk, the island became uninhabitable. A year later, Caesar returned to continue to conduct experiments using whoever survived from the disaster, deceiving them into thinking he was their savior, when he was in fact the mastermind behind all of it.

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Episode 589 had zero action. In exchange, we get a good dose of storytelling to learn some of the puzzling secrets of the island that is Punk Hazard. The episode set up Caesar as the stereotypical mad and inhuman scientist performing human experimentation and twisting truths to suit his needs, and always one step short of top dog position, which he continually lusts for. A few questions remain. What is Caesar’s ability? Based on the stories, what we’re seen of him so far, and his own outfit which says “Gas Gas,” it’s probably a Logia devil fruit that gives him the ability to turn into and control gas. What’s with the gigantic kids? From what we learned they’re probably guinea pigs too, but for what sort of experiments is yet unknown. What is Law doing on Punk Hazard? Obviously he’s connected to Caesar and this “Joker” person who appears to be Caesar’s superior. What will he do about Luffy? From how he switched the personalities of Luffy’s crew, he seems to want to at least hinder them, but from how he talked to Luffy, it seems he doesn’t want to outright engage them.

One Piece Episode 589 The Harpy MonetOne Piece Episode 589 Experiments on Punk HazardOne Piece Episode 589 The Worst Generation

When will we have a new opening? “We Go” is officially the longest-running opening for the entire One Piece series, and while some fans are speculating that the new opening might be being reserved when all of the major characters of this arc have been shown, that would slightly defeat the point of changing the opening, wouldn’t it? Well, we’re all still hoping.

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As far as the characters and the plot for this arc goes, it’s classic One Piece chaos. A confusing mesh of people and intertwined events, the Punk Hazard arc is finally showing its true form: and it’s as promising as it is grand. With the return of the adamant Smoker and the cool-as-ice Law, the introduction of an antagonist who seemed to have been cut from a cloth of pure villainy, and a setting rife for even more confusion, story development, and epic clashes, One Piece’s Punk Hazard arc is more than worthy of being the first official arc of the New World.  [by ]

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