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Indie Arcade #6: The Birds and the B-Listers

This week’s Indie Arcade, after coming back from a week off, is dedicated to some of the most obscure indie game titles you’ve probably never heard of before.

Madden NFL

I’m legitimately surprised at just how few people play Madden NFL considering how many iterations the franchise has made. Then again, there isn’t an engaging, in-depth story, and most of the characters don’t really seem to have any likable traits (not that they’re unlikable . My recommendation would be to play just one of them for the experience, but I wouldn’t get the newest iteration every year. Each iteration is essentially the same game as the previous year’s Madden NFL. The newest copies of the current year typically go for $50 to $60 and can be purchased for the major consoles.

Angry Birds

Take control of some otherworldly force as you shoot birds at pigs from a slingshot. Does that make any sense to you? I’m pretty sure the only point of the game is to make a mess, at which point you’re rewarded seemingly random point values for throwing birds at the green pigs and destroying everything. It’s an alright game, but it really doesn’t stand out as anything more than slightly bizarre, which is why it only has a few hundred downloads on the app store. You can find Angry Birds on pretty much every mobile platform and your Chrome browser.

Call of Duty

Do you like guns? Then perhaps you might enjoy this family of games about shooting people instead of holding reasonable intelligent discourse. It almost feels oxymoronic how indie this game is when you take America’s fascination of firearms into consideration. Each Call of Duty game also has a single-player campaign, but no one ever plays single-player. The multiplayer features seem to be what interests the small crowd of people that actually play this game. From what I understand, it’s a very small user base of about 200 or so people, and they are all incredibly nice, well-rounded adults that don’t curse or make crude “your mom” jokes. There’s at least one Call of Duty on most platforms.


Do you like futuristic-looking guns? You might enjoy Halo. I know I just referenced Call of Duty up above, but Halo is almost totally different but almost the same, but with different guns. Guns guns guns and killing aliens, which makes you feel super patriotic. And you can punch little alien grunt dudes and they freak out and run away from you. It’s an alright game, but it’s basically a reskinned version of Call of Duty, which is really weird because both of these indie game series were made by totally different companies. I guess they could get away with it though since no one really plays Call of Duty or Halo. You can get Halo for the 360 if you were so inclined in playing expensive indie games.

I hope you guys have a great April Fool’s Day! I’ll be back next week with real Indie Arcade material. Until then…