Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Recap: 3 on 3

Genthru’s bombers finally face off with Gon, Killua, and Bisuke in Hunter X Hunter 2011 episode 73:” Insanity and Sanity.”

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Battera's LoverHunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Gon's group Versus Genthru's groupHunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Bisuke's True Form

Tzesugera and his group learn the truth behind what happened to their failed plan from the billionaire Battera, and stay outside the game causing Genthru’s group to focus on Gon, Killua, and Bisuke. The trio puts together and implements a plan based on a simple divide and conquer strategy, where Bisuke fights Bara, Killua fights Sub, and Gon fights Genthru. Bisuke defeats Bara with a single (serious) punch, Killua uses Sub as a guinea pig for experiments with his abilities, but Gon decides to delay his part of the plan until he forces the able Genthru to use his Bomber abilities in their fight. The episode ends as Genthru gives in to Gon’s persistence, recognizing that their battle is one of wills, not combat prowess. He prepares his Bomber techniques and attacks Gon.

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Madhouse is doing well with the animations of the fights. The game of dodge ball was an exhilarating show of power and ability, a back and forth showdown between Razor and the simply magnificent combination of Gon, Killua, and Hisoka. But the trio’s fight with the bombers is something else. Bisuke finally shows her true form and delivers a one-hit-KO to her opponent. Killua displays his battle prowess and skill in analyzing his opponent and their fight. He experiments with his new powers and tools: his electric attacks and a duo of superalloy Yo-yos weighing 50 kilograms each. But the plan encounters a hitch that was pretty much expected because of Gon’s hardheaded personality. Though he was meant to feign escape after a few exchanges of blows with Genthru (proving the point of Genthru’s superiority over his own combat ability), he stays and forces Genthru to use his specialized Nen abilities.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Gon Vs GenthruHunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Killua's AfterimagesHunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Genthru the Bomber

Had Bisuke fought Genthru while Gon and Killua dispatched his associates, the skirmish would have been far easier. But since the trap would be apparent and thus useless if that had been the case (since Gon challenged Genrthu personally), we simply had to see Gon fight Genthru. Reminiscent of Gon’s fight (or, perhaps more appropriately, plight) against Hisoka – albeit a bit more ruthless since they’re both serious – Gon is easily tossed around and bloodied even before Genthru pulls out his Hatsu. Whatever plan Killua cooked up should have been completely failsafe, otherwise Gon might not be able to pull it off Genthru manages to blast off parts of his body.

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Hunter X Hunter pulls it off again with its depth of analysis, regardless of the battles going on. Perhaps owing to the pacing of the animation, the anime rarely drags on as the characters explain their thoughts. Being the climax of the Greed Island arc, I was hoping to see more from these fights, especially after the excitement of dodging (or catching) fatal balls wrapped with Nen from Razor. While the fights were impressive, they lacked a bit of flair. Bisuke was literally overkill for Bara. Had Killua’s hands been okay, Sub would have been minced meat. So it’s up to Gon and his fight against Genthru to give us our dose of Shounen fight-lust. On a side note, Hunter X Hunter did give us a rather unlikely side story: Battera’s true intentions behind wanting to complete Greed Island. It’s a better love story than Twilight – using better stereotypes too.  [by ]

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