Cliff Bleszinski Hired By Nintendo, Working On New Star Fox Game

Just a few short months after leaving his job at Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski  has found a new home.  Bleszinski announced today that he will be heading a new Nintendo studio, and their first project will be a reboot of the long-inactive Star Fox series.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to work for a fantastic company like Nintendo, although I’ll be honest, they weren’t my first choice.  I left, like, ten messages on Capcom’s answering machine about taking over the Resident Evil series, but they never returned my calls.  So here I am”, Bleszinski said.

Many have theorized that Bleszinski left Epic because he was tired of working on the Gears franchise, leading some to think he would want to start a new IP.  When asked why he decided to instead try to reboot a loved franchise, Cliffy B talked about the opportunities it presents.

“Dude, I thought about it, you know.  I did originally want to do a new IP, but every time I tried to write something, it came out sounding just like Gears.  I was being Cog blocked.  So that’s why I am excited about the Space Wolf game.  I’ve, um, always been a longtime fan of Nintendo’s games, and considering their stable of venerable franchise like Mario, uh…Sonic and….others of that nature, it was obviously an exciting idea to be able to reimagine.  I just don’t want to do anything like Gears ever again.”

When pressed, Bleszinski admitted he has never played a Nintendo game, but stumbled across an image of Mario once while doing character research for Jazz Jackrabbit.  Bleszinski gave out a few early details about the gritty reboot, but the meeting was cut short when Shigeru Miyamoto arrived, smiled, and led Bleszinski out the door by his ear.

From our short glimpse though, we got a pretty good idea of the direction that he and his new studio, Dudebro McAwesome Games, are looking to go.  The most drastic departure is in the gameplay.  Though Bleszinski assured us that there would be fighter jet sequences, the majority of our gameplay session was spent in over-the-shoulder third-person combat.  A variety of weapons were available for us to play with, and we had a blast with the excessively gory combat.  My favorite loadout was the Buck Gnasher shotgun and Slippy Grenades.

Set a few years after whatever Star Fox game came out last, the four-player coop begins with Falco busting Fox out of prison for an unspecified offense.  You get the sense that these two have been through a lot together, but before we can get the full story, an army of evil Sharp Claws burst from the ground and the firefight is on.  I find a hidden Frogtag tucked behind a column, indicating collectibles will be available during the campaign.

Our demo ends with the camera panning out and Sharp Claws first emerg…popping out of the ground all across the Lylat Continent, then planet Lylat, then the whole Lylat system.  Bleszinski assured us the names were all just placeholders.  All in all, my time with Space Wolf (the working title) was weird and a little uncomfortable, but it’s nice to see Bleszinski spreading his wings beyond Gears.


*This article is a parody*

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