10 New World Of Warcraft Races Blizzard Could Add That Make Sense

While you’re busy storming Lei Shen’s Isle of Thunder, getting better at your spec, or lagging out while hundreds of people attempt Oondasta, some World of Warcraft players are looking towards the future. Following the usual trend, we should be getting the announcement of a brand new expansion pack at Blizzcon this year. That means it’s time for speculation! Where will we go? Who will we fight? Will there be a new class? How about some races?

Yes, how about some races? There are plenty that make sense to add to both Alliance and Horde in terms of the on-going story. Today we have ten new World of Warcraft races listed that should be added to either one of the factions or be made a neutral selection, ala Pandaren.


New Alliance Races


The Jinyu

These fishy friends are found all over Pandaria and are the yin to the Horde’s yang, err… Hozen. The Jinyu are in an eternal conflict with their monkey neighbors and the Alliance comes along to give them aid and help push back both them and their new found allies in the Horde.

As you go through the questlines with the Jinyu, the race increasingly becomes more and more happy with the Alliance and even begin to don some of their armor and weapons. It almost makes sense to patch them in during Mists but of course that would never happen. I see no reason why the Jinyu wouldn’t have joined the Alliance following the events of MoP.

Likelihood: High


Wow Jinyu race


The High Elves

You have to feel bad for these guys. They’re descended from the horrible elves led by Queen Azshara who allowed the Burning Legion to come to Azeroth and sunder the world. Then 90% of their race is brutally murdered during the Third War. After that, all but ~25,000 of the survivors go off and become Blood Elves who then join the Horde. Talk about a horrible history. Those who stayed true to their heritage seek refuge and work with the Alliance in hopes to one day rebuild and become something relevant once again.

While it is certain that High Elves would be Alliance, I can’t say for certain that they would be added right now. It has been some time since the Third War and no doubt the High Elves have gone up in population but is it enough to send people out to war? I also see an opportunity to include the High Elves as a new World of Warcraft race along with introducing a new ranged-based “hero class”. While magic used to be a huge part of the High Elf way they have tried to suppress it after what the Highborne did in the past and instead have clung to the legacy that Vereesa Windrunner has made. If they wanted to get back out in the field to either rejoin society or find retribution, I could see a new ranged-based hero class being marketed with High Elves.

Likelihood: So-so


Wow High Elves


The Tuskarr

Everyone loves light-hearted races, right? The Tuskarr, while usually passive in nature, have been driven to the brink during the conflict in Northrend and their neverending territorial fight with the local Ice Trolls. It should be noted that while the Tuskarr have worked with both the Alliance and Horde during the war against the Lich King, it’s hard to see the Tuskarr joining the Horde. Unless the upcoming new Warchief takes a more peaceful approach to existing alongside the Alliance and other races, the Tuskarr just don’t seem like the kind of beings that would be completely associated with warbringers.

Likelihood: So-so


wow tuskarr race


The Saurok

Sad to see this listed as just Alliance? There’s a reason for that which I’ll touch on later in the Horde section.

The Saurok, while enemies during the Pandaren adventure, were basically pushed into being hated and feared by the other natives of the island. They were created by the Mogu and when they tried to rebel and be free, they were nearly purged from existence by past Emperors of the Mogu Empire. When the Mogu left, the Saurok basically had to live off of the ways that the Mogu instilled in them. With the Thunder King’s demise, the Saurok would finally be released from the shadow of the Mogu and be free.

Still, the Saurok right now are huge enemies. It’s hard to see them go from dungeon and raid bosses to playable race almost overnight.

Likelihood: Low


wow saurok race



New Neutral Races


The Ethereals

This seems to be the most popular choice right now among players that want a new neutral race. The Ethereals are just damn cool. They traverse the Twisting Nether, the chaos between worlds, scavenging and collecting. They aren’t particularly nice but they will stop at nothing to procure the finest treasures and deals. Think of them as neutral Goblins but even better.

Ethereals were huge back in The Burning Crusade and they’re already ingrained within both Alliance and Horde everyday lives thanks to Void Storages, Transmogrifcations, and Reforging. Also, the Consortium is already known to players. This just makes too much sense and players want it badly.

Likelihood: High


wow ethereals


The Satyrs

These demonic creatures are the epitome of deceit and trickery. The one thing they hate the most, however, is being tricked themselves. The only way I can see this happening is if when the Burning Legion comes back and Sargeras basically tosses aside the Satyrs and says he has no need for their foul tricks anymore as he begins his full invasion of Azeroth. That would piss the Satyrs off enough to rally against the other demons. This also gives players a demonic playable race, which has been a popular topic for years.

The Satyrs would have to be a neutral race. Malfurion would never allow them to become completely Alliance after what Xavius did and I doubt Thrall would be very ecstatic with them, either. Still, the Satyrs are master infiltrators and that would be extremely handy against the Burning Legion. There will no doubt be loyal Satyrs who remain with the Legion even after Sargeras’ cruel decision. Being able to infiltrate the Legion and bring back intelligence is something both the Alliance and Horde would find valuable.

And, honestly, the only other demonic race I could see being playable without introducing a third faction just for demons would be the Tothrezim since they’re almost just like the Ethereals in their ways of life and greed, just demonic. Satyrs just look like the best choice for a playable demon race that makes sense.

Likelihood: Low


wow satyr vs monk



New Horde Races


The Hozen

As I said above in the Jinyu section, the Hozen were the race that the Horde interacted with on Pandaria. These monkeys are very personable and with the Forest Hozen befriending the Horde, this seems like a good fit. Besides, the Hozen are hilarious and would prove to be even more comic relief aside the Goblins.

Even though they can be funny, the Hozen are still ruthless creatures. They follow orders to a ‘T’ and can be vicious. Under the leadership of a single warrior and partnered up with the rest of the Horde would put the Hozen in a good place to become extremely feared.

“Me  gonna ook you in the dooker!” – Ook-Ook

Likelihood: High


wow hozen race


The Ogres

Chris Metzen said he wanted Ogres and honestly, it’s not a bad idea. Ogres, while mostly volatile in World of Warcraft, are a pretty fleshed out race. Plus, there are already Ogres allied with the Horde in the Stonemaul clan.

Ogres have the overall presence of an old-school Horde races and with their presence dating back to the beginning of World of Warcraft (even before that in the Warcraft series) and climaxing during the Cataclysm expansion, Ogres are in a great position to finally join the rank and file of the Horde races.

Likelihood: High


wow ogre race


The Val’kyr

Val’kyr were once the undead spirit warriors of the Scourge. They have since allied themselves with Sylvanas and the Forsaken. Since it is basically known that we haven’t heard the last of the Forsaken’s crusade against those who have wronged them, the Val’kyr seem like a likely choice to join the Horde. It makes sense that Sylvanas would want more leverage in the faction and if she becomes the new Warchief, then she’ll need all the approval she can get especially after the stunt she pulled in Northrend and disobeying the other races’ decree of not using the new plague.

Val’kyr bring a new dynamic in a playable race: permanent wings. Blizzard could do a lot with this including racial flying mounts (themselves), speed dashes, and racial abilities that use the wings to disorient your enemy in battle.

Likelyhood: So-so


wow val'kyr

Thanks to MMO-Champion for this picture. Best picture of Val’kyr that aren’t flying.


The Mogu

This is why the Saurok would be with the Alliance. It is well known by those who have been through Pandaria that there are several clans of Mogu out there. There is bound to be one that isn’t like the rest and did not follow in Lei Shen’s ways. While it would be easy for the Horde to accept a strong ally like a non-Empire Mogu clan, the Saurok won’t care either way and so they must be separated.

If there is such a clan of Mogu, after the Thunder King’s fall and the final dismantle of the Mogu Empire occurs, this clan would be free to come out of hiding and join society with the Horde.

Likelihood: Low


wow mogu loading screen



What new World of Warcraft races would you like to see Blizzard add in the future?




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  1. That one guy

    Ethereals are at the top of my list now, but if blizzard could somehow work the lore to make Murlocs playable, well, who wouldn’t laugh at the sight of a Murloc taking on Arthas?

    • JackO'Flames

      That majority yes, but not all took on the name “Blood Elves”. All those with blue eyes in-game are still considered as high elves, and many of them are part of the Alliance.

  2. Lizard lady

    Saurok would be Horde or neutral, period. There would never arise a clan of “good” Mogu. Your choice for Horde races shows an obvious preference toward Alliance seeing as you chose the coolest races to be Alliance and really poor taste for what you chose in Horde except for Hozen.

    • Pandanus

      Well Lizardlady, I don’t what you mean alliance has all the coolest races, because I like all horde ones except ogres, And dislike most of the Alliance. The characters for horde are chosen on previous horde races, and same with Alliance.

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