Sony Confirms 100+ Games For The Vita In 2013

The Vita isn’t exactly known as a handheld powerhouse.  Yes, it does have its fans but the market is dominated by the 3DS.  But recent price cuts have helped the Vita climb to the top in Japan and raise sales in both America and the EU.  With the recent announcement confirming the release of over 100 games to both the loyal and potentials, we might just call 2013 the year of the Vita.

Don Mesa, the director of product planning and platform software innovation at Sony, spoke to IGN about the matter.  According to the interview there will be more than 100 games released for the PlayStation Vita this year. That includes smaller indie titles like Hotline Miami as well as bigger names that have not yet been released.

Sony has been good to the indie audience in recent years, with purchases of those titles being easily available though the PlayStation store. And Sony in turn has responded to that frequency.

“Our users are embracing the PlayStation Store on the device and finding it very easy to download and get their games on their device and start playing,” he said.

Mesa went on to share the results of a survey that Sony did with the cooperation of Vita owners.  And the results honestly surprise me.  There is an 86 percent satisfaction rating amongst the users who participated in the survey.  90 percent of Vita gamers say that they use their handhelds at least once a week.  And the last bit of interesting news is that the average Vita user is on their Vita for about 18.7 hours. Although gaming cannot account for all those hours since the Vita has other applications.

I have to say that I’m a little dubious about the statistics.  While I’m inclined to believe that Vita users are satisfied with the product, I do have issues with the numbers.  Without knowing how many people actually own a Vita, as well as how many actual owners participated in the survey and knowing if this survey was conducted worldwide.  I’m not sure how reliable it is. Hopefully Sony makes that information available to the public.

In the meantime, what I do know is that Sony is really pushing hard towards not only current owners but other potential customers.  And dropping the price of the Vita both here and internationally is only the first step.  It was the price cut that potential buyers wanted, and without  it the 3DS had really dominated the market.   Hopefully this new line-up gives the Vita the edge it needs to continue on this upward trend.

With the new gaming year really ramping up, it’s only a matter of time until we know the answer.

Thanks, IGN


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