Halo 4 DLC Forge Island Released Today

Inventors and Forgers rejoice! The new Forge Island, announced by 343 industries at PAX East, is available for download today. This free map for Halo 4 is specifically tailored for the map building community. When originally announced, the release date was scheduled to be April 11th, making its release today two weeks premature.

Forge Island consists of a number of elevated, flat islands separated by a large body of water. With hardly any playability out of the box, the map is to be used to create and build custom arenas where the only obstruction is the player’s imagination. Halo 4 came with a few maps that were custom-made for the creative gamers but Forge Island consists of just the bare-bones necessities, with only a few platforms blocking its otherwise barren space.

In past Halo games, Bungie has always been very supportive of the Forge community, giving them a number of sandbox maps to enjoy to their heart’s content. Halo 3 saw the addition of the indoor arena, Foundry, the multi-level, Sandbox, and the aptly named Forge World in Halo Reach. Though Bungie may not be holding the reins on the newest addition to the Halo series, it’s nice to see new developer 343 Industries continue to back the time-honored tradition of forging. You can expect to see mongoose race tracks, a number of free-for-all maps, and a wild assortment of mini-games and infection maps. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a Blood Gulch remake, which certainly seems possible with Forge Island.

Don’t plan on building any Forge maps? Well, if you want to be able to play any of the expertly crafted battlegrounds built on Forge Island, you’re going to need to have the map installed on your system. Not to mention that it’s free, so now you have no excuse not to download it. The map is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, though it may require a bit of searching. If you’re unable to find it there, log into the Marketplace website, and download it remotely. Get the creative juices flowing by downloading the Forge Island map from the official XBML site here.

Information courtesy of Polygon.com