Darksiders 2 Leaving European eShop, Crytek to Bid on Franchise

European Wii U owners planning on buying Darksiders 2 through the digital eShop store should do so immediately, as the apocalyptic action-adventure game starring Death will be removed on March 31, 2013.

Posted on Nintendo Life, a warning issued to Wii U owners in Europe stated that the digital version of Darksiders 2 will soon be removed with no clear reason given as to why. Those who already purchased the M-rated game by Vigil Games will be allowed to re-download after the expiration date, but anyone wanting to buy after the 31st is out of luck. With Darksiders 2’s former publisher THQ kaput, the reason for the eShop removal is likely over licensing issues. As of now, this problems only pertains in Europe. However, the same thing could happen for American Wii U players.

The digital licensing issues over Darksiders 2 may come to an end on April 1, as that’s the day the series will be auctioned off to potential publishers. The Darksiders series may have been left in the cold during the last THQ auction, but one publisher have publicly stated interest in the franchise: Crytek. Tweeted by Crytek USA CEO David Adams,  the former Co-Founder of Virgil Games said his company would bid on the Darksiders IP.[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/DadamsDavid/statuses/317000526434816001″]

He later tweeted about working on the Wii U port after excluding the Nintendo system from the original post.[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/DadamsDavid/status/317001644724326400″]

With few posts and no verification label, some questioned the legitimacy of Adams’ Twitter account.  However, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling confirmed Adams and Crytek USA’s intention on buying back their baby from THQ. With other THQ series living on from their new homes, the Darksiders series possibly continuing where it left off by the original staff seems only fair. For now, anyone interested in playing Darksiders 2 should buy it while they can through physical or digital means.