Battlefield 4 Officially Gets Revealed

Well, I don’t think anyone is really surprised by this after months of rumors, semi-confirmations and teasers. Now EA has released the official reveal trailer for Battlefield 4, showing a whopping 17 minutes of actual gameplay – a rarity in trailers these days. And yes, that is “Total Eclipse of the Heart” you’re hearing.

The trailer is titled “Fishing in Baku”, and shows one of the single player levels taking place in the Azerbaijani capital. The first few minutes show the main character skulking around, trying to avoid enemies, but predictably this doesn’t last, and a firefight erupts as one of his squad mates is discovered. The group of soldiers runs ahead, heading towards a factory where they will be extracted. The ensuing combat shows off many of the neat ways you can improvise in battle, like blowing up a wall and flanking the enemy instead of engaging them head-on. The whole thing culminates with the factory collapsing in quite a spectacle, and of course a car chase. Also, it appears that the game will be taking us to China this time around. So after shooting Russians and Arabs for the past few modern military shooters, we now get to shoot the third big feared group of people: the Chinese. Yes, that was sarcasm.  It could very well be that China will be portrayed fairly, but we’ll have to wait and see.

But in all honesty, the trailer was quite impressive, showing off some of interesting ways you get to fight in the game, and the great-looking technology powering it. Just as with Battlefield 3, the marketing seems a bit more focused on the singleplayer element – although presumably multiplayer will still be the big attraction. I assume they’ve used singleplayer in the reveal trailer simply because it’s a more cinematic experience than a multiplayer session would be, and it showcases some of the voice acting talent they have on board – among them Michael K. Williams of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire fame.

The fact that they show 17 minutes of pure gameplay could be a sign that they’re very confident in the game they’ve made. It could have been a concern that they’d simply rushed another game out the door too quickly, as Battlefield 4 will be released a mere two years after the third game, but it looks like Dice and EA are on course to create a great game. My only concern is that it might be too similar to Battlefield 3 – a totally new setting would have been nice – but that’s what happens when you have a franchise that tries to compete with Call of Duty.