Rumor: Rocksteady Working On Batman: Arkham Origins For Current And Next Gen

As we reported last month, Rocksteady would be releasing the next game in their hit Arkham series sometime this year.  Rumors have been buzzing for awhile, with some suggesting it may be a Silver Age era game featuring a number of other DC superheroes.  Today, we may have gotten our first solid facts on the matter.

Translated from French site Gameblog, CVG is reporting that the next game, entitled Batman: Arkham Origins, is currently in development for both current and next gen consoles.  Rocksteady recently applied for a similar domain name, in addition to dozens of other domains, so that would appear to lend credence to the rumor.  Or it could mean nothing.

The word on the street is that the game will drop sometime later this year, and is expanding its focus beyond the man with the cowl.  Heroes like Green Lantern are specifically mentioned by name, which isn’t surprising considering the Silver Age theory was so widespread.  It is believed that Rocksteady is targeting E3 to make their announcement, but we could possibly see a sooner confirmation…if this rumor proves to be true.

If that is the case, it will be interesting to see how Rocksteady approaches the new title.  Arkham Asylum was a surprise hit, but Arkham City was a bona fide blockbuster.  Following up that kind of success isn’t easy, and introducing the rest of the DC cast seems like quite the undertaking.  Will it be a continuation of the “Arkhamverse” storyline, or could we be looking at a new direction for the franchise?  The rumored title, Batman: Arkham Origins, seems to imply a prequel, but this could be nothing more than misdirection.

Unfortunately, this may also mean that the rumored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rockstady adaptation may be out, and probably puts to bed Ron’s hope of a Batman Beyond game.  Oh well, at least he will probably be a skin again.  How would you like to see a Silver Age Batman game take shape?  Leave us a comment.