Could This Be What Next Generation Call Of Duty Looks Like?

Today at the Game Developers Conference, Activision revealed what their research and development branch have been working on for next generation and it is pretty. Are we seeing the next step in Call of Duty?

Despite the company running Call of Duty on the same engine for years now, only adding in small incremental updates every year rather than a whole engine revamp akin to Battlefield, Activision seem to be taking next gen in their stride. The video and images were revealed during Activision’s talk on “Next Generation Rendering” and features a woman called “Lauren” and an unidentified aged man.

Jorge Jimenez, Activision reasearch and development of graphics, revealed on his website the features of the engine. He says it brings “We believe this technology will bring current generation characters, into next generation life. At 180 fps in a Geforce GTX 680.”
He also says that “…the challenge goes beyond entertaining; it’s more about creating a medium for better expressing emotions, and reaching the feelings of the players.” Yes gamers, Activision is talking about games with EMOTION!

Here are some of the other images:

As you have probably asked yourself already, “But these aren’t in motion!” Well Activision R&D also released a video of a man talking about frozen fruit while showing off some facial expressions which are truly astounding. Check it out below:

Are you amazed yet? If not, Jimenez happened to mention that the video is “running in our two-year old laptop”. The general speculation is that we will be seeing these kinds of graphics present in future Activision games. Namely Call of Duty (as it is one of the company’s biggest franchises). If these are capable of running on PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, we may have nearly achieved the glorious photorealism that some gamers crave.

What do you think of the graphics? Would you like to see this in your next Modern Warfare game?