Metal Gear Solid V Officially Announced

It’s official: Metal Gear Solid V has been announced.

Today at a GDC press conference, Hideo Kojima confirmed the existence of Metal Gear Solid V, and it looks to be a combination of The Phantom Pain and MGS: Ground Zeroes.  MGS V will be running on Kojima Production’s brand new Fox Engine, but is still targeted for the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Kojima did say that current demo was running on a PC.

The beginning of MGS V has Snake awakening from a 9 year long coma.  The MGS V trailer was an amalgamation of the footage from both The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes’ trailers, with new gameplay added to it.  Kojima said that the game will feature an open world, and the beginning tutorials with Snake crawling and flailing around will be limited to the initial levels.

The trailer is below:

As per usual with Kojima, there seem to plenty of mysteries planted within the trailer.  FOX vs. XOF?  Kojima, you are one crazy dude.  And I love you for it.

The majority of the press conference was about implementation of the Fox Engine and how it’s aiming for hyper realism.  Another tidbit that’s percolating is that David Hayter might not be reprising his iconic role as the voice of Snake.

The Phantom Pain was originally announced at the 2012’s VGAs, and was purportedly being developed by Moby Dick Studios. Joakim Mogren was supposedly the head of this Swedish developer, but the fine folks on the Internet did a quick job of realizing that all of this was most likely a ruse.  Metal Gear Solid V was found to be in the negative space of The Phantom Pain logo, and Joakim was merely an anagram of Kojima.  Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was originally announced in August 2012 at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Event held in Japan.