Battlefield 4 Revealed With 17 Minute Gameplay Trailer

The fourth game in the powerhouse franchise Battlefield has finally been unveiled with a gameplay trailer and a release window.

EA revealed the game this morning with a 17 minute demo of in game footage. The demo begins with the Bonnie Tyler song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” before plunging the viewer into the perils that the playable character, Recker, is facing. The team which includes your character is trapped in a car which is rapidly sinking. After failing at getting another character to safety, you are ordered to shoot the windscreen to save the “intel”. Flash back to minutes earlier where you are sneaking around a crumbling building, providing cover fire for a team mate and flanking a turret gunner. There seem to be a fair few giant set pieces akin to other FPS games, with a building crumbling around you, sliding you down the levels of the building, helicopter blades inching towards you and shooting another helicopter in slow motion hanging out the side of a vehicle. In addition to these, DICE have included more social aspects into their single player game. While playing the game, EA say that the game will “track players’ progress, adding an element of persistence and friendly competition.”

EA also released a press release which details some other information. Two bits stood out to me with the first being that the game is “launching  in Fall 2013.” And also that the game is running on “Frostbite 3 — a new standard for interactive entertainment in 2013.” A new engine for a new generation of Battlefield? The graphics of the trailer are truly beautiful, explosions, destructible environments and character models are all very well built and sit well alongside the typical lighting effects that DICE love to show off.

When pre-ordering the game on Origin, EA have said that a Deluxe edition will be available. This will include the base game, bonus in game items plus access to the Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta. If you are not so into Origin, pre-ordering at any “participating” retailer will bag you a Premium expansion pack. No details of what this includes.

We are sure to get more details coming in over the next while so stay here at Leviathyn for more Battlefield news.