Tomb Raider Sells 3.4 Million Copies In One Month, But That’s Not Enough For Square Enix

Most publishers would be fairly pleased if their game sold 3.4 million copies in just one month, but that’s not the case for Square Enix.

Square Enix has revealed that Tomb Raider failed to hit its sales target. It’s not just Tomb Raider that failed, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs didn’t hit their targets either.

Hitman Absolution has sold 3.6 million units since its launch in November and Sleeping Dogs has sold 1.75 million since its launch last August. Square Enix haven’t revealed what the individual sales targets were for the games, but the report doesn’t count digital sales.

Square Enix describes the sales as “weak” across the EU and NA but it seems odd they haven’t counted digital sales, as it’s likely sales from Steam alone could hugely increase that number, not to mention sales from the PSN and Xbox Live stores. All three games had great reviews, gaining them a Metascore over 80, so naturally Square Enix is surprised they didn’t sell better.

The publisher also notes that sales in NA were particularly weak, as two thirds of the overall units were sold in Europe. Price pressure was also a problem, as it meant additional costs went into protecting the games retail prices.

Earlier this morning, Square Enix also announced that this financial year, the company has suffered an “extraordinary loss” and president Yoichi Wada has now left and been replaced with Yosuke Matsuda. Over $104 million will be spent on a major restructuring of the company. Slow sales of console games in the West are to blame for the $136m loss. The company actually expected to make a $36m profit.

Despite releasing some great games, Square Enix isn’t having a good time at the moment. It just goes to show it takes more than great games to make a profit. Promotion is definitely key here, perhaps Square Enix simply needs better ad campaigns in the US to boost sales. 3.4 million copies may sound like a lot, but sadly we don’t know how many units Square hoped to sell.

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