25 Indie Titles Coming To PS3, PS4 & Vita, Added Indie Dev Support

Sony are moving in the right direction when it comes to indie titles, so it seems. Not only have they announced 25 new titles, coming to all three formats plus PlayStation Mobile, they’ve also simplified the concept approval process, making it easier for indies to get their games on Sony’s systems.

Originally, Sony had a two step process, which also involved a lot of feedback. Now though, Sony have gotten rid of the voting and greenlighting process, and they’ve also made feedback optional too. This means it’s easier for developers to make content, whether they’re indie developers or not. Essentially, if a company is making content for the Vita, and Sony like the team, they can send them Vita kits as loaners for free. Also, if indie developers need can’t afford the patch fees needed to release a new update, Sony can waiver them, meaning the gamers are happy because their game is updated, and indie devs don’t end up out of pocket.

To prove that indie devs will be supporting the Sony systems, SCEA have listed 25 new games and the platforms they’re coming to. Here’s the list:

  • Blacklight: Retribution – PS4
  • Primal Carnage: Genesis – PS4
  • Rain – PS3
  • Divekick – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Spelunky – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Velocity Ultra – PS Vita
  • Limbo – PS Vita
  • Metrico – PS Vita
  • Sportsfriends – PS3
  • Ibb & Obb – PS3
  • Guacamelee! – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Hotline Miami – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Dragon Fantasy Book II – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Thomas Was Alone – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Luftrausers – PS3 and PS Vita
  • Friend Network App – PS Vita
  • A Virus Named Tom – PlayStation Mobile
  • Beatdown in Treachery City – PlayStation Mobile
  • Crumble – PlayStation Mobile
  • Crystallon – PlayStation Mobile
  • Don’t Wake The Bear – PlayStation Mobile
  • Hermit Crab in Space! – PlayStation Mobile
  • Oh, Deer! – PlayStation Mobile
  • Rymndkapsel – PlayStation Mobile
  • Ten By Eight – PlayStation Mobile

Highlights of the list include Primal Carnage: Genesis, which is a first-person dinosaur based game. The gameplay is a mixture of open world exploration and linear storyline and the story will be told episodically, like The Walking Dead. Plus, Blacklight: Retribution, is a free-to-play shooter, which first came out on the PC in April, last year.

Whether you have a PS3, PS Vita or are planning to get a PS4, there’s something for everyone on this list, and it looks like there will be many more indie titles to come.

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  1. Darth_Mooo

    Great work Sony, hopefully the PS4 will make things easier than ever for Idies as well. Looking forward to trying out Thomas Was Alone soon when it arrives on PS+.

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