12 Awesome Crossovers Dying to Be Made

Crossovers are nothing new to game universes, as we’ve seen with the likes of games from all different types of genres. And with the recent announcement of a crossover between Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 6, I started thinking…what other crossovers would be awesome to see in games?

Here are the twelve crossovers that left me somewhat salivating after reading through this, in no particular order.

Portal/Mirror’s Edge

Think about it; Mirror’s Edge, a game focused on fast-paced platforming and quick reflexes, now arming you with a Portal gun. Running on walls, vaulting over machinery, taking out enemies, all while firing portals everywhere in an effort to reach a waypoint. It’d be fast, frantic fun, and I’d love nothing more.

Game of Thrones/Skyrim

Yes, I know they make Game of Thrones games…but in this crossover, I’d much rather see the show mixed with Skyrim in an epic crossover for the ages. How would it work? I’d love to see it as a one-off in DLC or an expansion. Make Winterfell available to visit, let us interact with some of the show’s standout characters, and give us the ability to fight some of the enemies found in Game of Thrones. The mood and presentation of Skyim is great for it anyway, so let’s make it happen.

Persona/Final Fantasy

Dark themes? Check. Turn-based combat? Check. Party system? Check. Deep storytelling? Check. If there are any two games begging to be crossed, it’s the Persona series and Final Fantasy. Whether it’s Final Fantasy characters coming into the Persona universe, or Persona characters filling in spots in your Final Fantasy party, the two games are nothing if not compatible, and I’m dying to see how well they’d mix.

Street Fighter /Mortal Kombat

This one’s been asked for for a while now, and while it’s not likely to happen, it’d still be an amazing crossover. Scorpion vs. Ryu, Johnny Cage vs. Ken, Sonya Blade vs. Chun Li…the potential here is epic. We’ve already crossed over with Tekken and Street Fighter, and this one seems like an obvious next step.


This one’s a crossover that’s never likely to happen. Both characters have been competing for platformer dominance since the early 90’s, but it’d be great to see a crossover where they both have to put aside their differences and work together in order to, you know, save the world and all that  cliche jazz.

Hell, you could even just mix the two in any one of the spin-offs both parties are wont to do. Feature Sonic in Mario Tennis, put Mario in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed…the possibilities are endless, and we’d love to see any one of them come to fruition.

Mass Effect/Star Trek

Being that they’re both series built on space exploration and crafting their own separate worlds, a crossover between Mass Effect and Star Trek would be a fantastic sight to behold. Even if it was just taking the Mass Effect crew and putting them in an episodic one-off letting you play through some of the classic episodes of Star Trek, any sort of crossover between the two could be simply amazing.

Tomb Raider/Uncharted

We compared the two in the video feature below, and since they both borrow elements from each other in a roundabout way, a crossover between Tomb Raider and Uncharted seems like one with some serious potential. The two games might not be identical, but there’s room to make the two work well together. Put Lara and Drake together in a single-player story-driven experience and make them help each other find an ancient treasure, have cameos of the two in both games, or even make a Lara character skin for Uncharted’s multiplayer mode. I’m not picky on this one really; I just want to see it happen one way or another.

Silent Hill/Resident Evil

Being that they both were competing for the survival horror crown early on, there’s some great potential for both Silent Hill and Resident Evil to mix. Maybe visit the creepy, fog-shrouded town as Leon Kennedy, bring the nurses and Pyramid Head to Resident Evil, or simply add a few more zombies into Silent Hill’s enemy types. They’re both great games calling for a nod from the other, and I’d be first in line to play it.

Jak and Daxter/Crash Bandicoot

Being that they both come from the same studio and take place in a cartoonish setting, both Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot crossed over would be nothing if not fun to behold. Make Crash hang out with the dynamic duo, Have Daxter help Crash out of a bind…really, any way they’re integrated would be magic. Plus, it’d be great for Jak to acknowledge his roots, and both games have the right sense of humor to allow for this style of crossover.

Dragon Age/Jade Empire

They’re both BioWare games, and they’re both amazing fantasy RPGs. Since Jade Empire is one of the top games on my list of titles that need more love, why not allow us to have a playable Jade Empire character in Dragon Age III? The combat is right, the mood fits, and the story elements would be amazing if this was handled well. Many great fantasy games feature some sort of monk or Kung Fu-fighting character anyway, so this could potentially work out nicely.

LA Noire/Red Dead Redemption

Now, how exactly would this work, you ask? Here’s my elevator pitch: you’re a sherriff in an old Western town, investigating the murders of people within the community. Use the crime-solving elements of LA Noire such as hunting for clues and interrogation, and give us the combat and storytelling of Red Dead Redemption in an epic crime crossover for the ages. Really, I just want an excuse to jump back into the world of Red Dead Redemption again, and this seems like a great fit. Make it happen, Rockstar!

Mass Effect/Dead Space

While Mass Effect isn’t a survival horror game in any way, shape, or form, it’d still be amazing to have the chance to take on Necromorphs using your team from the various Mass Effect games. Both games have crossed paths before anyway with Issaac’s N7 armor in Dead Space 3, so let’s take it a step further and allow characters from both universes to converge in one experience. Think of the possibilities…


There’s my wishlist of 12 game crossovers that need to happen. What crossovers would you like to see? Tell me in the comments below!