RUMOR: Next COD to Be Titled Call of Duty: Ghosts

IGN has reported that YouTube user Drift0r claims to have insider information about the next Call of Duty game, including the fact that Activision is looking to break away from the Modern Warfare moniker by calling the next installment Call of Duty: Ghosts.

According to Drift0r, we can expect to see an announcement for the game around May 1st. The game’s story allegedly takes place in the future, but uses modern weaponry thanks to plot points that force military to resort to doing so. Multiplayer loading screens will be dynamic instead of fixed images and a loading bar, movement will allow players to “dash into sliding while shooting”, you’ll be able to peek around corners while fighting, Spec Ops will be scrapped and replaced with something new, and there will be more destructible environments (a la Battlefield) and environmental hazards.

The most interesting part of the rumors, however, is that it will supposedly only launch on next generation consoles.

Again, it should be stressed that this is merely a report from Drift0r, so any of this should be taken as a grain of salt. Check out his full report below:

Considering some of the more interesting changes in the last Black Ops II (including setting, narrative, and multiplayer), it’s not necessarily surprising that Activision would want to mix things up a bit for the next release of Call of Duty. After all, many worry about the franchise reaching a peak and not being able to sustain its popularity over time, and changes in gameplay and narrative can often serve as something of a jumpstart to a franchise’s overall quality.

Black Ops II managed to sell incredible numbers last year, grossing over a billion dollars within the first few days of its release. With those kinds of numbers, it’s become one of the best-selling game series in the industry today, making it anything but a surprising move for Activision to plan on releasing another game this year.

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