Gold Pickaxe

ThinkGeek Announces PAX East 2013 Exclusive Swag

Nerd-related knick-knack outlet ThinkGeek is sending a team to Boston this weekend to sell some exclusive swag to PAX East patrons.

For sale are foam replicas of the gold pickaxe and gold sword from Minecraft. Due to the popularity of ThinkGeek’s regular pickaxe and sword accessories, the props were recreated using gold EVA foam for all the shiny bling you’ll ever need. Both replicas cost $25.

Also for sale are the Starfield Portal 2 turrets with sound, special edition variants of ThinkGeek’s popular Portal 2 turret LED flashlights. These $10 trinkets are sure to make a nice gift for any Valve fan.

“We wanted to make something special for our fans and the fans of Portal and Minecraft,” Chief Mucky-Muck of GeekLabs  Ty Liotta said. “These limited edition exclusives will give people something fun to collect and show off.”

These three PAX East exclusive items are only available whenever ThinkGeek is vending at a con or expo. For those unable to attend PAX, the items are available online for the same price for the duration of the event. Visitors to the site can also receive free shipping on any order over $25 purchased during PAX East.

Created in 1999, ThinkGeek has succeeded in creating a site centered around the selling of the unique and greatly craved, nerd-centric items the tech, gadget, and geek communities seek. As a result, ThinkGeek has risen to become the leading retailer for the global geek community.

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