PAX East

The Top Five Things I Want to See at PAX East

PAX East is right around the corner, and none other than yours truly is going to be there for three days of nonstop video game coverage. But with so much to see and do, where does one start? Below is a list of the five things I’m most excited to see at this year’s convention in Boston.


Popular indie game Bastion developer Supergiant will be showing off their newest project, Transistor, at PAX this year. Attendees will even be able to play the anticipated game, slated for a 2014 release date. The sci-fi action game is expected to have the same amazing story, artistic design, fun gameplay, and incredible soundtrack as Bastion, so you can be sure we’ll be there to give it a go.

Deep Silver

Deep Silver took over the publishing of former THQ games like Saints Row 4, Metro: Last Light, and Dead Island: Riptide, and all three (plus change) will be showcased at this year’s PAX East. Saints Row 4 is getting a special behind-closed-doors presentation, and attendees that cosplay as Saints Row characters get to skip to the front of the line. You can be sure we’ll be there to get details on these anticipated titles.

IGN Partytime

IGN will be at PAX this year, bringing fans panels and parties alike. Anyone lucky enough to attend PAX gets to hang with the IGN editors and writers at a special meet-and-greet, complete with free food and drinks! Panels include discussions about how to get a job in the video game industry and the best game of the last generation. These are events no one will want to miss.

Discussing Elizabeth with Ken Levine

Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Game’s BioShock Infinite, is going to be at PAX East this year, answering fans’ questions about new character Elizabeth. The panel is sure to introduce new, exclusive information about the game just days before its release, and you can be sure we’ll be there to get the scoop.

Cliffy B.

Cliff Bleszinski, legendary video game developer who just recently left Epic Games, is the keynote of this year’s PAX East.  While what he intends to discuss remains to be seen, you can bet that it will be exciting and entertaining. Perhaps he’ll discuss where he’s personally headed in the industry as we enter the next generation of consoles.