4 Steam Early Access Games Worth Buying Now

Steam’s new “Early Access” feature just launched earlier this week. Already it’s library is filled with 12 different indie titles that you can start playing now, before their final release. After exploring the library of currently available games I was surprised to see a handful of games that I’ve already been playing. Here are 4 Steam Early Access Games I recommend to any Steam user:

Prison Architect:

Last month I wrote The Best Upcoming Indie Releases of 2013. And what was the first game on the list? Prison Architect. I’ve followed this game for a while now (last summer I even put it on my wish list for the next Humble Indie Bundle). In prison architect players build and manage a jail full of prisoners. This simulation strategy game is more than just extremely fun, it’s easy to learn and has a simple and straightforward interface. And now that you can pick this game up on Steam it’s even easier to get started. Prison Architect might be one of the pricier games on the Early Access list, but it’s worth checking out.


Kenshi is another game on Steam’s new Early Access list that I’ve played for quite some time. Last September I had the opprotunity to interview the game’s developer, Chris Hunt. Since I started playing Kenshi the game has improved 10 times over, and is now close to a fully fledged awesome game. There are so many things to do in Kenshi, it’s one of those games that will never get old. Even though I’ve logged being a trader or improving my combat skills there’s still always something I’ve never tried. This is a one of a kind game that Chris Hunt put an awful lot of work into, and at $16 it’s going to be hard finding a better deal all year.


I just recently started playing Gnormia. I picked it up last month and have been enjoyed slowly learning how to play this gnome simulation game. Others have compared it to dwarf fortress, and they do have a lot in common. But the interface and complication of Dwarf Fortress kept me from becoming enthralled with the game. Gnomria’s visual representation helped me enjoy the Dwarf Fortress like gameplay more. It’s a little easier and simpler to get started playing, too. But don’t worry if you like some complicated gameplay, because Gnomria is still far from a simple game.


The first game I decided to check out on Steam’s new Early Access list that I hadn’t heard of or played before was Patterns. And what a good choice it was. Patterns follows the same idea as Minecraft… a sandbox building and exploration game. It’s simple pixel graphics aren’t the focus of the game, it’s the creativity and imagination the game has that makes it fun. But Patterns isn’t just some Minecraft knock off, it’s something entirely different. Instead of learning how to craft new and different items Patterns has you start exploring and leaning new shapes. This game brings a whole new level of artistic freedom to the sandbox building genre. It’s on the Early Access list with a price tag of only $10. If you’re interested in a game like this get it now, because it’s price is certainly going to rise.


Of course, I haven’t had enough time to try out every new Early Access game Steam has available. Have you found a game on the list worth checking out? Let us know in the comments below!

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