Stinky Footboard Controller Coming in June

Stelulu Technologies have publicly announced their PC foot controller, the Stinky Footboard, available for sale in June of this year. The controller will retail for $119. Preorders for the device can be placed on the company’s Kickstarter page, which will begin its crowd funding soon.

The four-button board is able to execute 16 unique commands by using the control, alt, and shift keys in tandem with the device. Its steel, aluminum, and heavy duty plastic design is built to withstand abuse from excited and angry gamers alike.

“I tried a lot of different types of PC controllers, but always came back to the keyboard and mouse,” company Co-Founder and R&D Director Luc Levasseur said. “Then I thought, why should we limit ourselves to two hands to control games? Luckily, I had access to prototyping machinery and a president open to crazy ideas.”

Every type of gamer can find a use for this peripheral. The Stinkyboard allows FPS gamers to strafe, change guns, and throw grenades without removing their fingers from the WASD keys. Starcraft and League of Legends players can increase their actions per minute by utilizing the foot controller. Fans of World of Warcraft and other MMOs can bind additional keys to the Stinkyboard as well. Professional competitive players will gain the upper hand by shaving precious seconds off their game. Even beginners can use the device to make certain games more easy and accessible.

“Gamers will always be in control and able to execute lightning quick, simultaneous commands without ever having to take their fingers off WASD and the mouse,” Stelulu Technologies said in a press release.

We’ll be getting our hands—or feet, rather—on the Stinky Footboard at PAX this weekend. Stay locked here to find out what we think about it.