Minecraft Redstone Update: Load Up The Hopper

The Minecraft Redstone Update, the most recent update for Minecraft, has been out for a few days now (having launched March 13, 2013) and I sat down to take a look at the new devices and items in the game to see how everything works during a recent livestream at Twitch.TV/WeatheredTunic.

Additions in the Minecraft Redstone Update

Many new redstone devices were added, as would be expected from the redstone update for the game.  See the video above for examples of how everything works.

  • Redstone Comparator – Having tested this device out a little bit, its uses seem a tad confusing.  It looks at the strength of a signal entering from several different sides and compares them.  The strength of the sides seem to compare to the strength coming into the device from the back, but it’s unclear from some testing exactly all the ins and outs of the device beyond the strength calculations.
  • Hopper – The hopper seems to be a very useful device, being capable of sucking in and storing items that come very near to it.  This effect works the same when a hopper is placed into a minecart.  If the minecart goes over an item or very near to an item, it is sucked in.  If a hopper is placed below the tracks, it can then be used to unload a hopper or chest cart into any operable storage or device.
minecraft redstone update
  • Dropper – This device functions exactly like a dispenser, besides the release velocity.  Entities cannot be injured by items ejected from a dropper.
  • Daylight Sensor – The daylight sensor outputs a redstone signal when it is in daylight.  One possible use of this could be to automatically turn on redstone lamps (if fed into a block with a redstone torch on it to invert the signal) when it becomes nighttime.
minecraft redstone update
  • Trapped Chest – The trapped chest outputs a weak redstone signal in every direction around it upon opening.  The tested use for this is placing it on top of a block of TNT.  Upon opening, the TNT is ignited and blows up.
  • Weighted Pressure Plates – There are two types of weighted pressure plates.  These plates output a redstone signal proportional to the number of items placed on them.
  • Block of Redstone – A long awaited block, the block of redstone allows players to compact redstone into a block the same way one would go about turning many other items into blocks: by placing one of each item into each slot of a crafting table.  This can be used for decoration or compact storage.  Another use is that it outputs a redstone signal in all directions (not seen in the video).
minecraft redstone update
  • Nether Quartz Ore – Once mined or smelted, drops nether quartz, for use in the creation of decorative quartz blocks or for use in the creation of the dropper.
  • Quartz Blocks – There are several decorative quartz blocks: smooth quartz, quartz pillars, chiseled quartz, quartz slabs and quartz stairs.

complex new scoreboard system was also added, which can be helpful for those playing on a competitive vanilla server or an adventure map.  The lighting engine was also optimized and the texture pack system was reworked.  See all the details about Minecraft Redstone Update 1.5 on the Minecraft Wiki.