BattleBlock Theater Release Date Announced

Christmas seems to have come early for me this year, as indie game developer The Behemoth (popularly known for their indie phenomenon Castle Crashers) has finally announced the release date for their long-awaited game, BattleBlock Theater. After years (literally years) of waiting and anticipation, BattleBlock Theater is just around the corner, with its release date set for April 3, 2013 on the XBLA. Thank God.

After Castle Crashers, there had been much hope for The Behemoth’s next game, and everyone was left in suspense when it was announced… in 2009. It’s fantastic to see that after all the waiting, the release day is finally just 2 weeks away. The Behemoth posted an update on their devblog today which revealed the release date with a pretty hilarious promo video which you can check out below.

I think I peed myself from anticipation when I heard this announcement. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t like The Behemoth? For those who may not know, BattleBlock Theater is a  co-op/competitive platformer that will involve a variety of ways to defeat your opponents, including jumping on them, punching them, or using weapons on them. What sold me on the game though was how many different play modes there were, including King of The Hill, Soul (which involves stealing souls which is awesome), Challenge (getting the fastest time on a level) and many more.

After playing an early version of this some years back and loving it then, I can’t imagine how much better it’s gotten since then. Be sure to keep an eye out for it! If BattleBlock Theater peaks your interest at all, be sure to keep an eye out for it on the XBLA when it releases on April 3.