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99Gamers Website Creator Shares Success

Redditor bkruz11 has shared a true success story with the gaming board of reddit.com. On June 18 of 2011, bkruz11 posted an idea on Reddit that quickly garnered attention. The premise was simple: Gamers all over the internet often replay the same games in their collections because they’re not always able to afford to buy new ones, but what would happen if Redditors pooled their used games online and exchanged them for others’ unwanted titles? And that’s how 99Gamers was born.

Bkruz11 outlined how the site works in simple terms. First, you add your unwanted games to the Infinite Collection, the massive and always-growing pile of users’ used games. Then you sell those games for virtual currency called credits. Finally, you spend your credits on others’ games you want to play. When you’re finished, you resell your newly acquired game back to someone on the site for a different one. 99Gamers acts like a community-run GameFly akin to Craigslist or eBay. However, being solely focused on video games traded directly between gamers lends a certain credibility to the website.

Bkruz11 made the site to offer Redditors and other Internet users a fair, safe, and cheap way to exchange games so gamers can always play something new without resorting to the rip-offs stores like GameStop provide. The site has quickly grown in its nine months of operation. Over 2,000 trades have been completed, and 5,000 games on 25 platforms are currently in the Infinite Collection. The site boasts over 2,300 members from 1,300 cities all over the U.S. and Canada with hopes to expand to other places like the United Kingdom. It’s clear that the site is only going to grow from here.

Keeping sellers in check is due to the rating system. Buyers of used games can rate the user they purchase a title from on different criteria that affects their overall rank on the site, keeping pricing and trust in check. When users sell games, they set the price based on its condition and market value. Users can track the progress of an order through the site as well as manage all their purchased and sold titles. Gamers can also message other users for clarity when conducting trades, as well as send each other pictures of a disc or case for extra insurance directly through the site.

It’s clear that the website is really taking off. Who knows where it will end up as we enter the next generation? To see for yourself how it all operates, head on over to 99gamers.com.