Square Enix Releases Interesting Tomb Raider Numbers

While you’ve been taking Lara for a stroll around the nightmarish Yamatai, Square Enix has been pulling a big brother and taking note of player actions throughout the game. What does that mean? Well, my fellow Tomb Raider fans, they’ve tracked everything from how many deer have been killed to how many tombs have been raided. You know, important stuff.

The numbers are actually pretty staggering. See the totals below:


During their time with Tomb Raider, players have collectively killed 5,294,879 deer and captured 1,417,750 crabs.


147,675,058 baddies were taken out with Lara’s bow, 20,601,083 of which were killed by fire arrows. Lara also managed to loot salvage and arrows off of 356,988,302 enemy corpses. Enemy attacks have been dodged 11,067,764 times, and players of Tomb Raider also amassed 13,742,891 close calls in combat encounters.


Tomb Raider players managed to raid 3,570,956 tombs altogether.

What do you think of these statistics? Personally, they reminded me a bit of the ones shown at the end of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Which was great, because I had the chance to compare myself to other players and see how my playthrough was both similar and different than those around me.

Tomb Raider is the recent reboot from Crystal Dynamics looking to modernize the franchise and bring it to a new place in its life span. The game serves as something of an origin story, giving us a look at Lara before she was a hardened and intrepid explorer. During your time with Tomb Raider, you’ll help her go from being a timid student to a tough survivor as she does whatever she must in order to protect her life and the lives of her friends from the elements, mad island inhabitants, and some unexplained supernatural occurences happening with the island’s weather. It’s part Lost, part Indiana Jones, and we loved it.

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(Thanks Game Informer)