Fez Making Its Way To Steam

Oh, Fez. What an amazing experience you are. Even with all of its hype and delay, when Fez was released it was one of the most well-received indie games to graze the Xbox Live Arcade, as well as one of the best XBLA games of the year. The only problem with it was that nobody else was able to share the experience. Well, that’s about to change because Fez is going to be released on Steam. Although the game is not available for pre-purchase yet, Steam clearly shows that it is going to be released on May 1st of this year.

If you haven’t heard of Fez yet, it”s time to get a little bit educated. Fez is an indie game developed by Polytron Corporation (more commonly known is Phil Fish if you’ve seen Indie Game: The Movie) where you take control of Gomez, a 2D sprite living in a 2D world. That is, until everything goes all three-dimensional on him.

The game plays as a 2D game, but in three dimensions… If that makes sense. The game is essentially a 2D platformer in which the user is able to navigate in three dimensions by switching the point of view, and it’s quite a trip. Along with this interesting mechanic, charming visuals, and calming music, and its fun and challenging puzzles, this is a game that you really don’t want to miss. Not only was Fez interesting and fun, but for some reason it was a very calming gaming experience, which is something you don’t get often.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to play it and you have a 360, I would highly recommend giving this 2D/3D hybrid platformer a go. If not, then wait for this bad boy to get on Steam and give it a shot. I promise it will be worth you’re time. Fez is set to release on Steam on May 1, 2013, so be sure to keep your eye out for it!

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