Lego City: Undercover: Digital Downloaders May Need External Hard Drive

So are you excited for Lego City: Undercover? Because I am, especially because it’s staying on the Wii U. However, recently news has come out that if you want to download Lego City: Undercover, your Wii U might not be able to hold it. If you go onto Lego City: Undercover’s official Nintedo website and click on the preorder page you’ll see a message that you need an external hard drive to download it from the Eshop. The game is going to be 22GBs. Which makes sense.

Lego City: Undercover is a massive open world game. Everything we’ve seen confirms that. And depending on if you have the 8GB Wii U or the 32GB Deluxe edition you might not be able to fit the downloadable version onto either Wii U units internal hard drives. So if you haven’t already, you’ll need to go out and by an external hard drive.

Nintendo’s faq  page shows that the 8GB Wii U console only has about 3GB of space after the initial update that had to be installed. And the 32GB had about 25GB of free space. So while owners of the 8GB Wii U console will have to go out and buy an external hard drive if they want to download Lego City: Undercover, owners of the 32GB console will be able to squeeze it in if they don’t have any other software downloaded.

So Wii U owners have two options.  Either purchase the physical copy, which makes this whole issue moot, or buy the external hard drive. Of course, those who are fans of digital downloads probably already considered this possibility when they bought a Wii U.  Both units don’t hold half of the space that a PS3 or Xbox 360 do.  However the smaller hard drive spaces of both consoles keep prices down to a more acceptable level.  And in the world today external hard drives are not that expensive. So hopefully Wii U owners have already purchased one for a reasonable price. But before anyone does go out and buy anything, Nintendo has a list on their website of external hard drives that are compatible with the Wii U.  Nintendo recommends “using a hard-disc drive (HDD) with a dedicated power source (i.e., using an A/C adapter).” You can go to Nintendo’s support page for more info on what hard drive you used use.

(Thanks Nintendo.com and Legocityu)

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