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Still Alive, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Six Other Amazing Songs Re-Imagined Using Minecraft Note Blocks

Being the bumbling Minecraft player that I am, a typical play through Minecraft for me usually equates to building a box house and chasing after cows or climbing mountains to see if I can mine an entire forest of trees.

The beauty of Minecraft is that it allows for such an open experience that nearly anyone can jump in and find some satisfaction in it, whether they’re building impressive creations or merely trying to survive the night.

And of course, it simply wouldn’t be Minecraft without a strong creative element that allows the most patient and meticulous of players to create whatever their heart desires using the many tools and substances in the game.

One of my personal favorites to check out are the creations using Minecraft note blocks, a block that allows you to simulate sound like a musical note. Using the power of imagination and some crazy ingenuity, many players have re-created many iconic songs that couldn’t be considered anything less than impressive. Here are eight creations that will suddenly make you feel like an underachiever.

1) The Skyrim Theme

The Skyrim theme is an epic one with a complex makeup of chords, rhythms, and harmonies. Using blocks, creator ValcanGaming has put together a version of the theme that would make the Dovahkiin proud.

2) He’s a Pirate (From Pirates of the Caribbean)

One of the most impressive aspects of this composition is the way creator Tritex 989 managed to maintain a running bass line that kept the song driving throughout. One of my favorite movie scores, done in one of my favorite note block covers.

3) Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

One of the most iconic Queen songs of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody is a classic. Such a classic, in fact, that you’ll easily find about a million different versions of it covered by everyone from drunk frat boys to the Muppets. Here’s a tribute to the song in amazing Minecraft fashion.

4) Still Alive (Portal)

The classic song shown at the end of the original Portal, this here is an amazing re-creation of GLaDOS’ taunt to Chell. Try to tell me this doesn’t sound exactly like the real version. Go ahead, try.

5) Star Wars Theme

Quite possibly one of the most amazing Note Block creations I’ve ever seen, this rendition by MusicalWolfe sounds more like a chip tune than a note block creation.

6) Mortal Kombat Theme

There are few song themes quite as recognizable as the Mortal Kombat theme song, and this one manages to capture that in a more than impressive way.

7) Pokemon Battle Theme

The iconic music that gets all of our hearts pumping and ready for the heat of battle, MusicalWolfe struck it again with this re-creation of the battle theme from Pokemon.

8) Gangnam Style – Psy

Yes, I am one of those who wanted to scratch my eyes out every time someone posted a Gangnam Style video on my Facebook feed, but I can still recognize greatness when I see it. And here, I definitely see it.


Have any other awesome note block creations for me? Share them!