Wii-U Sales Disappointing Again for Month of February

It seems Nintendo’s latest console is suffering from sales, the report is in from NDP and by the looks of it, the Wii-U isn’t so hot, well at least in the US market. February’s sales were up 40% from the dismal sales in January, some 64,000 consoles sold but still way off from sales in December. And even then, the original Wii outsold Wii-U sales in the month of December. Over all profits are down 25% from February of last year. The hardest hit area in sales were consoles, some mention of the PS4 and soon Xbox 720 launch probably didn’t help the diminished sales report.

The Wii-U is being outsold 5-1 from the ever aging, seven year old Xbox 360. Whether a boost from a new line up of Wii-U games or a discount is in order, that is yet to be seen. The total amount of Wii-U’s sold to date is around 890,000, some 19% off from the original Wii sales.

The Nintendo Wii-U is the second generation launch of the Nintendo Wii, which launched in December of 2012. Initial sales were 460,000 units sold that month, but still shy of the original Wii unit, which sold 475,000 at launch. It is yet to be seen how the Wii-U will play with the next generation consoles coming out in the fourth quarter of 2013 and casual gamers switching to mobile and online games.

Source Gamasutra