[Rumor] Is This The Next Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4?

Updated: Possible cover art?

Original Story:

It would seem a mysterious website has gone live,, and on it is a blurred image which has text that resembles that of Call of Duty. On the site is a countdown timer, which ends March 21st… All the details seem to lead up to the next Call of Duty in the series. A simple look into the source code on the site does in fact reveal that the page is setup for the next Call of Duty:

Call of Duty – Worldwide reveal March 21.

Meta tags on the site reveal for Call of Duty, Activision, Modern Warfare, Teaser Trailer, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Neversoft, 2013 March 21.

Digging deeper into the java-script code, it seems js files and functions are named mw4, which would point to Modern Warfare 4. Digging deeper into the whois for the domain, the domain was registered on March 11th and displays “James Corney” of Infinity Ward to be the owner. The contact email address is that of gmail, instead of an official address and the phone number listed (+7.4957273879) is Russian.

But is this just another fake site? And with that, let the rumors spread, well at least for a few days.


Updated: A few more images after looking into the code have been found and location to where the page will lead after countdown ends:

After the timer runs out, a button will lead to