Indie Arcade #4: Blue Bombing The Street

This week on Indie Arcade you’ll see a familiar blue bomber fighting a street fighter (or 8), a spaceship sim, and more! They’re all generally cheaper than last week’s games, I promise.

Street Fighter X Mega Man

“This isn’t an indie game, Ray, you big dummy.” That all depends on your viewpoint. I’m including Street Fighter X Mega Man in this week’s issue of Indie Arcade because it wasn’t designed or created by Capcom. Instead, it was developed as a fan game by Seow Zong Hui. The coolest part about it was that when Capcom found out about it, instead of being really power-hungry, shutting the guy down, and forcing him to cease and desist, they were really cool about it. Capcom basically said “Oh man, that’s a fantastic idea. Why didn’t we think of that? Keep making the game and we’ll take care of paying for the production and marketing.” Aside from all of that, Street Fighter X Mega Man is another 8-bit Mega Man game, but this time it has Street Fighter characters instead of Robot Masters, and the power-ups you receive from them are their signature moves. The best part of all? It’s free to download. Feel free to check out Ron’s review, as well.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Originally started as a Kickstarter campaign, FTL beat its funding goal of $10,000 by over 2000%, and is now claimed by many to be one of the absolute best indie games made within the past year. FTL is a top-down spaceship battle simulator that will actually allow you to raise your deflector shields and board the enemy ship in an RPG format. The game also uses a Diablo-esque system that creates completely randomized universes to explore and enemy spaceships to encounter. Upon defeating enemies, you can use parts of their ships to upgrade and add on to your own ship. Be careful, however; FTL utilizes a perma-death system. If your ship is destroyed in combat, then it’s game over. Paul definitely enjoyed FTL, and if you think you might too, feel free to grab it on Steam for just $9.99.

Don’t Starve

Developed by Klei Entertainment, Don’t Starve is an indie game about a scientist who  is sent to another world by a crazed demon. The goal of the game is to use the environment to your own ends, surviving the way you want to survive, as you avoid the monsters around you. There isn’t much more for me to say about the game at the moment since it’s still in beta, but if you pre-purchase Don’t Starve from Steam right now for just $11.99, you’ll receive a copy of the game for yourself when it drops on April 23rd, an extra copy to give to a friend, beta access until the game drop, and two exclusive Team Fortress 2 items. You know you need those items.


Do you like Minecraft? Who are we kidding, of course you do. Terraria is essentially a 2D version of Minecraft but with less emphasis on building or exploration and more emphasis on a wider variety in enemies, weapons, and explosives to name a few. It’s almost like Notch made sweet gaming love to Konami and produced this 2D gem of a lovechild. It’s got multiplayer. It’s got building, exploration, and explosives. It’s even got jetpacks. What the hell are you waiting for? Pick up Terraria on Steam right now for $9.99 (also for XBLA and PSN).