Kick Ass 2 Trailer: Just Another Superhero Movie?

One of the best movies of 2010, Kick Ass, is set to be hit with a sequel, imaginatively titled “Kick Ass 2” this August. Picking up more or less where the last film left off, Kick Ass 2 look set to reintroduce a host of old characters, as well as piling on some new ones. As with any sequel of a great movie, I look forward to August with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. If done right, Kick Ass 2 has the potential to be an exemplary continuation of a stellar story, much as The Dark Night was to Batman Begins. However, in the hands of a director or producer riding on the coattails of the original hit, we could find ourselves having to endure the type of photocopied bilge that a film such as The Hangover 2 was to its original.

Thankfully, the trailer for Kick Ass 2 appears to show a movie both rooted in the sort of narrative that made its predecessor so good, as well as branching out into new ground to puts its own unique stamp on the franchise.


Kick Ass 2 starts off by reintroducing us to Mindy and Dave, the pair of unlikely allies who won fame and allegiance from their city’s populace through their offbeat, sometimes amateur, sometimes gory and always hilarious form of crime fighting. Now, with superheroes sprouting up all over the place thanks to the example the pair have been setting, crime fighting has never looked so good, or multicolored.

This all changes when Chris D’Amico, aka Red Mist from the first movie, aka Motherfucker from this iteration, decides to spice things up a little with a bit of super villainy. Naturally, the powers at be decide to crack down on all caped crusaders, and our heroes are forced once again into vigilante work.

Kick Ass 2 introduces a host of new characters, but most notable is Colonel Stars and Stripes, played by rubber-faced Jim Carrey. The introduction of Carrey to the cast is interesting, as he has the acting capabilities to pull this movie off, not to mention that his character seems to be perfectly suited to his style: wacky and ridiculously over the top. However, he has appeared in a couple of shockers recently, Mr Popper’s Penguins being the most notable. Time will tell whether he manages to bring his unique brand effectively to this film, but chances are he will shine in a character that seems to fit him so well.

To be honest, I would have been perfectly happy had the Kick Ass franchise been left at one film. The original was unique, clever, brutally funny and most importantly, utterly entertaining. There was very little clamor for a sequel, as most punters seemed content to be left with the warm glow of the original film. That said, if Kick Ass 2 can manage not just to continue the story, but meaningfully add to it, then I don’t see any harm in revisiting the unlikely heroes one more time. Hopefully the series can avoid being made into just another generic superhero franchise, but the risk of greed winning out over artistic vision is a very real one.