The 5 Best Pokemon X and Y Rumors That Were Debunked

Mr. XY may be sitting on top of his troll throne, laughing and cackling, but that doesn’t mean he should be vilified. He may have called us out for reporting on his posts but how couldn’t we? They were extremely in-depth, creative, and interesting. His Pokemon X and Y rumors were fun to follow and man, he really did his homework making sure no one could successfully debunk him but himself.

Mr. XY may be one of the most successful trolls in the history of video games and although everything he said was fake, there are some things he talked about that I would have liked to have seen. In fact, I’ve been seeing some posters on various websites hoping he might put together a ROM hack filled with some of his “leaked” features. I, for one, second that notion.

A Pokemon game using the new, upcoming engine with some of the things Mr. XY said would really be a fun game. I’ve went over the Pokemon X and Y rumors that Mr. XY provided the world for his enjoyment and picked out the 5 best features he came up with.


New Type Combos

The Pokedex rumor that Mr. XY threw out at the beginning of this month really caused a lot of discussion. The topic that got passed around a lot was based off of the new type combos that were mentioned in the rumor. Just off the top of my head, the ones that really interested me were Rock/Fire, Bug/Ice, Poison/Steel, Water/Fire, and Dragon/Fighting.

Again, that rumor really showed that if we got anything out of these Mr. XY Pokemon X and Y rumors, it was some really interesting discussions. Mr. XY’s fake Pokedex contained some very interesting, weird, and “came from left field” type combos and to be honest, that would have made for some crazy Pokemon designs and teams.



Trainer Leveling System

Back in February, Mr. XY came out with another huge post that contained a ton of Pokemon X and Y rumors. His post here talked about a ton of gameplay features and this is the one that spurred the most talk. One of the most interesting things he made up was the trainer leveling system where your Pokemon character would gain experience and levels to unlock perks. These perks would be anything from better catching rates for Pokemon, more chances to have a rare Pokemon pop up in battle, and even influence NPC’s.

This is an awesome feature that would allow players to choose what kind of trainer their character would be. Would you focus on capturing? How about being better at making your Pokemon happy? The aspect of creating a specialized trainer would really add some replay value to the new games. I hope to see this actually implemented in the future.


Bond System

The Pokemon games are always attempting new ways to get your character (and by that aspect, yourself) and the Pokemon closer. The part of the overall story of Pokemon is how they and humans share a bond and through training and care they become friends. At least, that’s how the cartoon showed it off. In the game world, this was represented by an invisible happiness rating. Some Pokemon wouldn’t even evolve until they liked you enough.

Mr. XY’s fake Pokemon X and Y rumors contained a very awesome way to further this using something called the Bond System. This replaced the hidden and, frankly unimaginative, happiness features and replaced it with an in-depth mechanics that had multiple purposes aside from making your Pokemon happier with you as a trainer.

When raising the Bond level of your Pokemon, they would gain perks just like in the trainer leveling system. These Bond perks would grant the Pokemon extra experience or stats. There was also another feature of this mechanic that Mr. XY made up called the Bond-EYE would were represented by a pair of sunglasses that character could put on.

Putting on the Bond-EYE let you see natures and capture rates of wild Pokemon. If your wireless is on, the Bond-EYE would also let you see virtual avatars of other players who may request help from you. This is sort of like Dark Souls and brings in a type of co-op play to Pokemon.

It’s really a shame that this is fake because the Bond system, as Mr. XY described it, sounds insanely awesome.



Time Traveling Storyline

In Mr. XY’s posts, he described the new “Team” that we would be facing in Pokemon X and Y and how they factor into the story. In these now debunked Pokemon X and Y rumors, we would have faced off against Team Gear and the story would income time traveling.

As corny as that can be, this sounded pretty awesome. One of Mr. XY’s points about the story included a part where the character would have to journey back in time to capture a Munchlax in order to ensure a sleeping Snorlax wouldn’t be blocking a path later on. Things like this make me wish the time travel was real in the upcoming games. This could have been extremely interesting and made for an awesome way of capturing different Pokemon from the different generations. Going into the past to be able to walk into a cave that in the current time is caved in only to find a Legendary Pokemon waiting inside would be really cool.

Another one of Mr. XY’s Pokemon X and Y leaks talked about the Elite Four and the Champion of the region who is the character’s father “grown up”. This made me believe that perhaps in the past our character would work together with a younger version of his father and at the end you’ll face him and the team he raised through his time after the Elite Four. That would have been a really cool way to wrap up the story.


Card Suit Legendaries

This was debated as possibly a stupid addition but I found it fun and interesting. Mr. XY’s Pokemon X and Y rumors included 6 Legendaries. We knew of Xerneas and Yveltal already but the other four he talked about would be based on the four suits of cards (heart, club, spade, and diamond) and certain animals/creatures.

In the Pokedex rumor, there were listed as a peacock with a club-shaped tail (Jacoq), a T-Rex with spade-shaped eyes (Tyrroi), a cobra with a heart-shaped hood (Serpreine), and a tiger with a diamond-shaped pattern on his fur (Tigrace).

This is certainly an interesting way of creating new Legendaries and while I could do without this in the upcoming games, they just sound like unique Pokemon that could be cool to see and use. Also, all four of them are dual typed with Dark and some of the Dark-type Pokemon have my favorite designs so I could see these four looking pretty awesome.



It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting there saying “you shouldn’t have even remotely thought that these could be real leaks”, I have to applaud Mr. XY for turning up our imaginations and keeping us glued to the screen for more. The above features would really be awesome to see in future Pokemon games and you can tell that aside from being the year’s biggest troll (so far), he really enjoys Pokemon. These ideas would have breathed some fresh air into the series and I had a lot of fun keeping up with these Pokemon X and Y rumors.

Since the ride is over now, it’s been interesting to look back at all of these and see how in-depth and unique his rumors were. These were carefully planned and words and gave us a ton of things to talk about. A lot of conversation between the staff here at Leviathyn has been focused on Pokemon X and Y rumors due to how awesome some of these features would have been to see in-game.

You didn’t fool a lot of people it seems, Mr. XY. However you did give us a lot to talk about and for that we say good job.


The above wallpapers can be found at this link along with several more for your desktop pleasures.




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    • TheOneNamedCOLT

      HERE,HERE. i love the idea of trolling inside another troll. HA HA HA. and yall are right, in my opinion, theze are great and fresh ideaz, for instance i could see timetravel and trainer exp gaining and custumization making me wanna play the game over and overin a lot of different wayz. but even if NONE  of the rumorz are true… itz still gunna be an awesome addition to theseriez and we all no that… and no matter what we will have acopy in our ds’s

  1. RellekEarth

    Ok so this seems too significant to not be true. How do you “make up” THIS much information? And THIS quality of ideas? This is an insane amount of stuff to make up. Why would anyone put that much time into it and then say “Haha! Gotcha!” It seems like rather ironic really and completely not worth it… 
    What if it is true and he just says it isn’t? What if he’s trolling us by making us not believe that what he originally said with what he said now? What if the game comes out and all this stuff ACTUALLY is true and fully implemented in the game? Will we be like “Whelp… shit… I fell for it”?
    And whoever this person is, he needs to be hired by Nintendo (if he’s not already *hint*) because these ideas are extremely worth it.

    • Abrapiro

      RellekEarth Amen to that, bro! I really hope for all of this to be true and kind of what u just ‘ve said…

  2. toni

    the game is out what this person talk about you can name the trainer and no time traveling . first all sweet heart get you need do research and stop making thing up. one prof is augusitne scycmore i know he spell wrong but whatever. the bad guys are team flare yveatl is a dark and flying type. xeneas is a fairy type, if you dont believe me becasue i got the game and i beat the bad guys already and got yveatl he be at the base team falre on level 50. be prepared and began lots of ultra ball try to save you master ball because mewtwo going be tough when you beat the elite four and champion diantha . you find metwo in pokemon village on level 70. after you get him it depend what version you play i playing pokemon y so i get mewtwonite y . you can mega evolve mewtwo it look amazing . lysnadre is the leader of them team flare i think after you get the legend i think he died at his secret base is just found out what a bonehead

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