Black Ops II Introduces Personalized Weapon Camos

Boring of the same old guns, you find in every shooter that ever was. Do you want a way to be easily identified on the field among all the boring guns. Well fret not, because Activision has a solution for you. Introducing Personalization Hats–er I mean Packs. Activision Social Media Manager has revealed on his blog One of Swords nine new Personalization Packs being offered as part of Black Ops II “micro item” downloads, because who would want to use the term microtransaction. The packs are available for purchase on Xbox Live today, each for 160 Microsoft Points  (or $2).

In addition to a snazzy new weapon camo purchasers will also receive three targeting reticles (Reflex, EO Tech, and ACOG) and a custom player calling card. The blog also clarified that these weapon skin in no way will affect the competitive nature of the game.

See them all below and leave a comment letting us know which you think is the best, or whether you’d consider buying one. For more discussion of microtransactions in general read about how they can benefit players, or cannot be justified.

Black Ops II custom weapons

Source: [One of Swords] Via: [Polygon]