Sony Renames “Offensive” God of War: Ascension Trophy Name

As much as I love it, God of War isn’t the most female friendly game series around. After all, Kratos is a blood thirsty, womanizing demigod who likes nothing more than to rip apart an elephant man on a Sunday afternoon. However, some members of the PlayStation community aren’t happy with God of War: Ascension. It’s not due to the amount of sex or violence as you might expect, it’s because of a certain trophy name.

Sony Santa Monica have decided to patch Ascension to change the trophy named “Bros before Hos” to “Bros before Foes”. The outrage of the trophy started when early reviews of the game linked the name of the trophy to a particular nasty violent act towards a female character. Some argue that the trophy isn’t actually triggered by this act of violence but Sony Santa Monica don’t want to upset their community, so they have decided to change it.

In a statement to games site Joystiq, Santa Monica said that the trophy name affected some users enjoyment of the game, so a patch for Ascension will be rolled out very soon to change the trophies name, as they want to ensure all members of their community can fully enjoy the game. Nothing else will be affected by this particular patch.

It’s always good to see developers listening to the feedback from their fans. Some will argue that those who dubbed the “Bros before Hos” trophy name as misogynistic and offensive are being too sensitive. Considering the content of the God of War games, perhaps those people are right, but since the trophy can be linked to violence against a female character it’s safer and causes Sony Santa Monica less hassle to just change the name. Besides, “Bros before Foes” sounds better and makes way more sense.

God of War: Ascension is out now.

Thanks, Joystiq