PETA on StarCraft: Zerglings Have Feelings, Too

In a new post over at, writer Joel Bartlett goes in-depth about how the release of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm have drummed up a new campaign by the organization where they focus on the “Heart for the Swarm”.

Temporarily renaming themselves “Terrans for the Ethical Treatment of Zerglings”, PETA will be attending the StarCraft 2 launch party over in Irvine, California tonight. They will be handing out pamphlets describing how Zerglings would be beings just like us and should be treated fairly.

I don’t believe PETA has ever played StarCraft, though. If they did, they would realize just how out of control and dangerous the Swarm really is. Are they going to sit there and try to treat a Zergling with love while it rips them to shreds and the cities around them fall to the millions of invading Zerg? I think not.

As hilarious as this really is, it really does show you how far PETA will go in their mission. This isn’t the first time PETA has gone against video game related products, either. They have released parodies of Pokemon (Black & Blue) and Super Mario (Super Tanooki Skin 3D) to illustrate that games give bad messages to kids about animal cruelty. Now the organization heads into space and delves into alien treatment of a hostile (and not to mention, fake) infestation.

The controversial organization will be hands-on at the launch party and to be honest, I kind of want one of those pamphlets. PETA on StarCraft is something I never thought I’d hear about. I could see why they would attack Pokemon and Mario but this is just out there. I’m really surprised they haven’t set their eyes on Tokyo Jungle for depicting unneccesary animal violence or Metal Gear Rising for the treatment of Blade Wolf.

Oh crap, I just gave them ideas…