Microtransactions are Coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Much to no one’s surprise Activision community manager Dan Americh announced today that microtransactions are on their way for of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. These new micro items will make their way onto the Xbox 360 version first, and will be introduced on other platforms at a later time.

Beginning on March 13th Call of Duty players can purchase new micro items that include:

A number of personalization packs: Each contains a unique weapon camo, three targeting reticles, and a custom player Calling Card. Perhaps the most interesting of all of these is the Bacon personalization pack that makes your weapons appear as if they have been covered in bacon – 160 MS points

Nuketown 2025 – Free

Nuketown Zombies – 400 MS points (previously available only through purchase of the Hardened or Care Package limited editions)

Extra Slot Packs – 160 MS points: Players can now purchase 10 more Create-a-Class slots and expand their media storage with 20 extra emblems, 32 films, and 40 screenshots.

Flags of the World Calling Card Packs – 80 MS points: National flag themed Calling Cards that are divided by geographical region.

Given the increasing popularity of microtransactions it was only a matter of time before they made their way into Call of Duty. Still, even though we all saw this coming, it still doesn’t make it right.

Call of Duty is one of the most successful franchises in video game history. Every year the launch of the newest installment in the franchise manages to shatter sales records. I mean come on, Black ops II hit the billion dollar mark in 15 days, a feat that very few games manage to reach throughout their entire life time. I don’t understand how Activision and Treyarch have the audacity to blatantly nickel and dime consumers off of one of the most financially successful games in video game history.

It reeks of greed. How is 1 billion dollars in 15 days not enough for the company? That’s not even including any sales past the 15 day mark nor the DLC map packs that were introduced later. It’s a damn shame really; It’s a case of a company so hung up on making more money that they lose all sense of respect for their player base.

To make matters worse, Activision has tried to justify this by playing the infamous “optional” card, effectively telling consumers that the you don’t have to buy any of the micro items but that they’re still there. These little extras should be free, they should be a nice little thank you to all the fans that made your game what it is, but instead it’s a slap to the damn face.

Shame on you Activision for such low and avaricious practices.