Star Wars

Prequel To Star Wars: Battlefront III On The Way?

A new downloadable game has been revealed as what is thought to be the “step zero” towards the next Star Wars: Battlefront III, the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Star Wars video game franchise.

The game was seen before, as it was listed as an Xbox Live Arcade game published by LucasArts. Kotaku had a source who was familiar with the game but is “no longer familiar with the goings-on,” and as a result, a few details have been leaked about the game. The Star Wars: First Assault is a 16-player online first person shooter, with one 8 man team of rebels and another 8 man team of imperial Stormtroopers, and it features environments from some of Star Wars’ well known planets. The code for the game will apparently be used to build Battlefront III from the ground up, nullifying the work previously done on the game by various developers. Pictures have been shown by the website:


Apparently the First Assault is a prequel of sorts, in the sense that it will serve as a survey of interest for Star Wars shooters on an Unreal Engine. If the game does well, Battlefront III will be put on the fast track… or that was the plan. The purchase of LucasFilm (which included LucasArts) by Disney meant that all games were frozen. No announcements would take place on any games. The source says that developers will continue to work until they get official word on whether the game will be cancelled or given the go-ahead. According to the unnamed informant, the plan was to release a closed beta by September last year and to release this spring, but as we can see, that never happened, making the release of the game increasingly unlikely.

The first two Battlefront games were released on the PlayStation 2, Mac, Windows and Xbox to great critical and commercial reception. Other games were released on the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and mobiles. The third game was in development at Free Radical before they lost the license for the game after 2 years of work.  This created lots of arguments from both the developer and LucasArts employees about who did what wrong before Free Radical went into administration and were rolled into Crytek as Crytek UK.