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Street Fighter x Mega Man Hits 1 Million Downloads

Capcom announced today that the recent release Street Fighter x Mega Man has officially hit one million downloads.

Of course, the game was free and was undoubtedly shared around the internet, so it’s impossible to tell the actual number of downloads the game received. But according to their internal numbers, the Japanese company can confirm that the game has reached at least the million download mark.

Street Fighter x Mega Man was a fan-made game mixing both the beloved characters of the Street Fighter and classic Mega Man action. Rather than the beloved Robot Masters, each stage was themed after one of the key characters in Street Fighter, including Chun Li and Ryu. After successfully completing a level, players would face off against the fighter in a boss fight reminiscent of classic Mega Man boss fights of old.

While it was a fair enough game, many reviewers called it a lackluster and last-minute attempt by Capcom to celebrate the character’s 25th Anniversary. And to their credit, it does seem a bit disingenuous; after all, he is one of the most beloved retro gaming characters of all time.

However, there’s more good news for Mega Man fans in the works as well, as Mega Man 3 will be available for download on the 3DS eShop starting March 14th. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 are intended to follow suit in the months to come, and the soundtracks for each of the games will also be made available through the Capcom Unity website.

Hopefully the success of Street Fighter x Mega Man will serve to show Capcom how much demand still exists for games starring the Blue Bomber. They’ve been adept to ignore him in the past, despite fan demand asking for the next evolution in the Mega Man franchise. With any luck, this’ll be proof enough to them that we still love the Blue Bomber and want to see Mega Man in more games in the future.

(Thanks Game Informer)

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