EA Giving a Free Game to Those Who Bought SimCity

It’s no secret SimCity’s server issues have caused an Internet uproar over the first week of its launch.  Review scores have been altered, Amazon stopped selling digital copies of the game, specific features have been temporarily stripped, and the world has spewed a constant stream of venom towards EA due to SimCity’s atrocious server problems.  It looks like EA is trying to get in everybody’s good graces again, as the General Manager of Maxis Lucy Bradshaw announced that folks who activate their copy of SimCity before March 18th will receive a free PC download from EA’s library.

Bradshaw also mentioned in this post that sever capacity has increased by 120 percent in the past two days, and that they are close to maintaining constant stability.  Apparently the main problem was that they did not expect so many people to log in during the first week, and their beta tests did not prepare them for this.

I feel like this picture is the perfect representation of everything that has happened so far.

Good on EA on trying to trying to do some disaster control in what has been PR nightmare for them.  People already hated EA with all their heart before SimCity came out, and this server bonanza has done nothing but reaffirm their position.  While offering a free game won’t fix the servers, at least EA recognizes that this has been a serious problem and are trying to make good with their customers.

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