Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted: Exactly How Similar Are They?

Ever since seeing the game’s debut trailer, there’s been a certain accusation leveled at Tomb Raider suggesting that it rips off elements from the likes of Uncharted.

Sure, they both star action heroes searching for priceless treasure and holding a certain reverence for ancient history. And yes, they’re both games ridden with ‘sploshions and great set pieces that are, in a word, epic.

But is Tomb Raider the carbon copy of Uncharted that so many suspect it to be? After sitting down to play both for comparison, I’ve recorded my verdict in the video feature below. Check it out, and tell me what you think of the comparison between the two!

(Note: Footage from Uncharted 3 was used for capture, but discussion takes into account the Uncharted franchise as a whole.)