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Epic Games And Former President Mike Capps Cut Ties

Things just keep getting bleaker at Epic Games.

After a string of high-profile departures, most notably creative director and public spokesperson Cliff Bleszinsky, many have started to question just what exactly is going on over there.  Now comes one more piece of negativity surrounding the company.  Former company president Mike Capps, who resigned in December, has let slip some interesting news on his Facebook feed.

Capps was originally supposed to stay on in an “advisory role”, but it now appears that this isn’t going to be the case.

“When we announced that I wanted to transition out of my leadership role at Epic, the plan was for a continued but less active role, service on the board of directors, and ideally, being that eccentric semi-retired guy who still comes to playtests and gold parties. I’m sad to say that plans have changed, and as of February 11th, I’m no longer affiliated with Epic Games,”  Capps said.

Any number of conclusions could be drawn from this, but it would appear that this isn’t something Capps himself pursued.  While he had originally stated that he would “continue to be available as a resource to Epic”, unfortunately it seems that will not be the case.  It’s hard to fathom Epic Games being stronger without him.

However, Capps is not done with the industry, which he says has been good to him.  He will continue to serve on “several game industry boards” and stated he is considering offers from various game companies.  Whereever he goes, we at Leviathyn wish him the best.

Source: Gamespot