BundleStars Offers First “Pay What You Want” Indie PC Game Bundle

BundleStars deviated from its standard game bundle release and launched its first “Pay What You Want” bundle today, The Fire and Ice Bundle, making it available for a limited time period. This is BundleStars’ fourth Indie PC games bundle, and the first to use a “Pay What You Want” model, where gamers can purchase the entire Fire and Ice Bundle for a minimum $4.94 or try the first two games for $1.25 (prices are set in UK Pound Sterling – conversions accurate at time of writing). Players who pay more than the minimum amount will get a chance to win a PC CD-Rom with 32 titles from Iceberg Interactive, valued at over $800. Five beta keys to StarDrive, a highly anticipated 4X sci-fi strategy title, will also be given away to the top five contributors. The Bundle consists of 8 never-before-bundled titles along with two mystery titles. The 8 bundled games are:

  • Tiny Troopers – An action-strategy title where the player leads a group of tiny troopers in saving hostages and taking down enemies through 30 missions.
  • Airport Control Simulator – A flight simulator, only the player plays as the Air Traffic Controller and manages airplanes’ speeds, altitudes, and directions to and from multiple airports.
  • Adam’s Venture – The first title in an eponymous adventure series where the player takes control of Adam Venture in his quest to find the Garden of Eden.
  • Adam’s Venture 2 – The second title of the series that finds Adam and his crew in the middle of a vicious plot as they dig for King Solomon’s treasure.
  • Armada 2526 – A sci-fi strategy title where the player takes charge of his own galactic empire and establishes his realm over the ruins of his rivals.
  • Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder – A horror-adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work, where the player attempts to solve a murder shrouded in haunting mysteries.
  • Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage – Following the series’ H.P. Lovecraft horror-adventure style, the sequel provides closure for the entire case started in the first title.
  • Real Heroes: Firefighter – A first person firefighting game where players pump water at life-threatening flames across 9 levels.

Gamers can buy the bundle or the first two games at the BundleStars website (www.BundleStars.com) and redeem their games through Steam. BundleStars directs 5% of its proceeds to charity. Check out the bundle trailer below:  

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