Box Office Results: Jack the Giant Slayer Fails To Bring Giant Numbers

The past weekend brought the release of new films Jack the Giant Slayer, The Last Exorcist Part II and 21 and Over but proved to be a disappointing box office following on from February’s poor results.

Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer opened to a very average $27.2 million. This means that the film, starring Ewan McGregor and Nicholas Hoult, opened to a lower amount of money than 2012’s super flop John Carter which opened to $30.2 million. This does not give the film a bright outlook given that the estimated budget for Jack the Giant Killer was around $200 million. Only time will tell if the film will fall harder than John Carter or whether audience numbers will pick up over the next few weeks.

In second place came the successful comedy Identity Thief.  The Jason Bateman film held firm in the face of new releases grabbing a $9.7 million cut of film ticket sales. The film, currently on its fourth weekend, has now grossed over $107.4 million at the box office. With dwindling numbers however, the film may be slowing down towards the end of its profitable run.

Opening in third place, 21 and Over took a mere $8.75 million. As opening weekends go this was one to forget for the film which does not have a hope in the market against the heavyweight of the drunken party films, Hangover. The first Hangover film made just under $45 million in its first weekend in cinemas, showing the franchise’s dominance over the charts. Even the lesser Project X grossed $21 million in its opening weekend. This film may have truly failed before it really began.

The horror film The Last Exorcism Part II opened to an even more disappointing $7.74 million. The previous film opened to $20.4 million and suggests a bleak future for the sequel.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence continued to feature in the top ten dropping to eighth with $5.72 million. But the resurgence of other Oscar winners Argo and Life of Pi with $2.37 and $2.1 million respectively shows that the films are holding on to the chart for their lives.