Top 5 Video Game Adverts

What makes a good video game advert? Hell, if I know. I’m just some creepy dude writing about video games on a scabby laptop. But, according to about thirty seconds of internet research, I found out. Apparently, it has to be memorable, provocative and totally not bat shit insane. Simple stuff really. When it comes to ads for video games it has to show us some game, maybe some skin and reach out to the lights-off-headphones-in-Doritos*-crumbs-around-mouth gamer in all of us.

Some companies get it horribly wrong. You remember that time that Sony did all the cocaine that tried to pimp the Playstation 3 with a devil baby. Or that time Nintendo thought that white kids could wrap.  Or when Panasonic did anything with the 3DO. Yeah, I try to forget too! The adverts following, on the other hand are the best of the best. They are the ones that got it right. WARNING! Tears, erections, laughs and a strange sense of duty may follow.

*Other awful for you gamer foods are available

5.Sex Sells


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, sex sells. Despite if you like to admit it or not, hunky man pecs or a nice pair of sweater stretchers, lung protectors, beach umbrellas or frost detectors will make people run out in droves to pick up a product. Activision knows this and used it to their advantage. What on God’s green earth is better than Heidi Klum doing the “Risky Business” with a bit of Bob Seger playing the background. Well, heterosexual men and homosexual ladies rejoice, there is a directors cut where she shakes her over shoulder boulders without a shirt on. All praise Guitar Hero.

And if your thinking “Hey, that’s sexist. Equal rights for women. Let’s go amass in the local park, take off our bras and burn them”, stop. They did a similar version starring Kobe Bryant. Your welcome, ladies…..although you can still take off your bras.

4. Stand Off


Someone has been watching Spaced.

Another banned Xbox advert. Microsoft are knocking it out of the park with it comes to not getting their promotions on your television screen. This time around is an advert called Stand Off, where a train station full of people have a huge finger gun battle. Funny, yes. Memorable, definitely. Controversial, apparently so. As I have taught you over these past 990ish words, controversy creates cash – also breasts – but mainly controversy.

Thanks to the ad getting pulled from TV, it’s has been view millions of times online and, as a result, got the Xbox tinted words of “Jump In” embedded into brains everywhere. Some could go as far as to say that Microsoft, and similar companies, just create content in the moral grey area, just to get it banned and create instant buzz. Hmmmm, controversial.

3. Nintendo All-Star Battle Royale


To quote the advert itself, “something has gone wrong the in the happy-go-lucky world of Nintendo“. Something is right. There is so much to this advert that makes it stick in your mind. Maybe it’s the footage of Pikachu, Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong bounding through fields of daisies. Maybe its the song, Happy Together by The Turtles. What it probably is the fact that it’s men in cuddly mascot suits beating each other up.

People hadn’t seen a console mascot game like this before. Holy crap, Mario is kicking Link in the head. Gee willikers, Kirby just sucked in Pikachu. Ahhh yeah, Peach and Zelda are getting it on. The first time you see that advert, the WWE-esque heel turn from Mario shocks you. The kick that started a franchise.

2. VP of……


Kevin Butler is downright awesome. That is a bona fide fact. He is the self proclaimed Playstaion VP of….lots of stuff. If you want funny adverts, this series is the one. Long story short, fake, but kick ass guy who works for Sony, answers fake, but kick ass questions from fake, but kick ass, fans. Insert montage, jokes or similar non related non sequiturs, fin.

For three years, the character was hugely successful for Sony, even appearing at E3 2010 as a special guest speaker. So popular infact that Peter Dille, the real VP of Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, stated that they have received contacts from media, requesting an interview with Butler, not realizing he isn’t a real person. That’s when you know your ad works.

Two words. Mon. Tage.

1. Michael


You don’t know the legend of Michael!? He was the one to save the human world, from the demons in Devil May Cry. He was the one who helped, bring Zeus down! He was the anti-hero criminal in missions in throughout Grand Theft Auto! He was the top street racer in Need For Speed. He saved the future, in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Haven’t heard of Michael? Well, Mike is an analogy for each and everyone one of you. Ever gamer, in every bedroom, in every living room, in every basement. It makes all of us remember all the feats that we have achieved. It leads us to believe that every hour that people say we’ve wasted staring at our rooms black mirror seem worthwhile.

This ad works of almost every level, even my Xbox slanted friends say so. Besides, almost 12 Million views cannot be wrong. 


Have we missed any out? Or are these ads your favourite too. Let us know in the comments below.