David Hayter Asks How Fans Would Feel if He Wasn’t Snake

After a solid fifteen years of doing Snake’s voice for the Metal Gear series, David Hayter might not be voicing the protagonist in the next installment of the series. A revealing tweet of his hinted around that he might be done with Snake.

David’s startling tweet

While this is all still speculation, fans have already gone crazy saying that any other voice would not be Snake. Of the 303 people that took his “Informal poll” , 64% of responses answered that they would be angry/sad, 12% said they wouldn’t really care, and 24% said that they would not buy the game. Konami, the publisher and the mastermind behind the series, Hideo Kojima, were tagged in the post, possibly meaning he wanted them to see this poll. Hopefully Konami will reconsider replacing him, should that be the issue, as David’s leaving the role would mean some significant changes and would easily upset a lot of fans, as seen from the poll. Either way, this could mean strange things for the series. Could Konami no longer need him because they are taking the Metal Gear series in a brand new direction?

Perhaps Snake will become a different kind of character, reinvented, or even cease to exist in the games. Maybe nothing will happen at all. This is only a tweet, after all, and this is therefore mere speculation as to what may happen. Hopefully we will all know soon enough. Funny how something as simple as a character’s voice can do so much for a game. Those 24% that said they wouldn’t buy the game obviously value something like the voice of the character very highly, and to be honest, most 0f those people would probably buy the game anyway, and still enjoy it with or without David’s voice. The game might suffer in story, but the gameplay remains the same. What do you think? Does the voice of a main character really matter all that much? Can it change a game or even keep you from buying it? Which percentage would you fall into? Only time will tell if David will remain the voice of Snake, and if the series will be effected or not.