10 Amazing Pokemon X and Y Wallpapers

Pokemon X and Y has been the talk of the town and rumor mills. Mr. XY is going off the handle with everything he could possible leak. Fans are anxiously awaiting any new info Nintendo lets loose and there’s only one way to remind yourself every single day that in October of this year you’re going to lose hours of your life once again: wallpapers!

I did this for Metal Gear Rising and from all the feedback I saw I could only come up with one conclusion: people love wallpapers. So do I! In fact, as I mentioned in my top Metal Gear Rising wallpaper post, I change mine every time something new grabs my interest. It’s rare for one wallpaper to stay up on my computers for longer than a week. So far, only Persona 4 has been able to topple that trend but I have a feeling that these Pokemon X and Y wallpapers are going to make a challenge.

When I set out to look something cool to plaster on my desktop I came across some awesome sites that housed some amazing Pokemon X and Y wallpapers. They aren’t gaudy or “epic” but they just look really nice. In fact, until Nintendo releases some more official art, these may be the best Pokemon X and Y wallpapers out there.

While I do enjoy epic wallpapers, some times I like to keep mine simple and relaxing. I think you’ll find some good choices here as we include the three starters, the legendaries, and the latest Pokemon, Sylveon.

The only issue I have now is picking one of them to stick on my desktop. Enjoy these ten great images and check out the sources here: DashingHero @ DeviantArt, Arkeis, and PLDH.


The Three Starters





The Two Legendaries